[Unknown] guild Recruiting New/core members
CommodoreBriggs 2020-03-10 11:00
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Edit Date : 2020-03-10


[Unknown] is back with a brand new track!!!
>English speaking guild
>PVP and FUN oriented
>No strict rules, only .bro .code
>Powered by `Mirumok discord`
>Perfect for people who has **work **
>Mainly active after [7pm GMT+8]
>Looking for .founding .members and .Officers
>Full Buffs w/ [2 Elephants, 1 galley]
>Active [guild scroll summoning] for +100m gains
>Accepting [newbies ]
> (OwO)
>Seminar for [Cannoning/Elephant riding/ Def team clearing] hosted by .Mirumok .Watcher
>Organized free boosting from 0 to hero by our [GM]
> T1 nodewars
> weekly Vells 
Join our discord and tag @Council for more info```

Character Name CommodoreBriggs
Main Character Ranger
Lv 62
# 2
Edit Date : 2020-03-10

Best of luck with <UNKNOWN>, Briggs!


Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
# 3
Edit Date : 2020-03-10

Best of luck to your guild, @Jumong!

I still remember you during your time with <Zodiac> and during the 1st Voice of Adventurers Event, the offline event by Pearl Abyss!

Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
Lv 61
# 4
Edit Date : 2020-03-10

A players once gifted him with ELION TEARS for helping on Server chats!

I was like what!!!?? Yes, I am jealous!

Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
# 5
Edit Date : 2020-06-26

I am a proud member of the guild........

Character Name FriendlyFish
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
# 6
Edit Date : 2020-06-27

how to join the guild ?? @council

Character Name SekijoGenichiro
Main Character Ninja
Lv 50
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