Outfit that were limited/promotional.
AzuraStarz 2020-03-11 00:32
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Edit Date : 2020-03-11

I really loved some of the design of the previous promotional outfit that were featured months or years ago, it really sadden me that i had missed the chance to buy it either from the market or the pearl shops and it would be really nice to have some of the promotional outfit/limited outfit to be put as regular outfit just as the rest.

Would love to see atanis outfit, anemos and some other that had caught my eye i am very much inloved with the fashion of the game and i would love to be able to purchased from of those cute and beautiful piece to be put up on sale soon.

I so hope that you consider this suggestion and possbly see the outfit being sold in the future.

Thank you

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Character Name Veonya
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yes. +1

Character Name PrawiLucia
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They'll always return, don't worry
we just have to play the waiting game :D

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