Ninja succ bugs and suggestions :D
ExaltedShade 2020-03-13 18:40
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To start off, I will talk about some of the bugs that still exist in the game for ninja succession:

1.  Smoke screen 

some time smoke screen pops off during skills like shadow clone, what will happen is that charater will get stuck in a neutural position and cant be moved, smoke screen will go on CD, making it a waste.

2. Red rain/katana shower

Red rain cant be activated immedietly after ghost step, alert stance. The charater will perform 1x shuriken throw before performing red rain, making it very annoying and weird to use during movements.

3. Ninja step

Ninja step wont get activeted if Target Chase is activated and you hold W+SHIFT+RMB after a ghost step. which is a movement sequence ninjas often use before succession came out, so instead of ninja step, fox claw will be activated, halting the movement all together.

4. Ghost step cancel for certain skills after alert stance (not too sure if this is intended or bug so imma just yeet it here)

normally, ninja can ghost step out of Beheading the dead, Black moonlight, but if those skills is activated after alert stance, ghost step cancel wont work anymore.


Some personal suggestion: (im sure the devs did what they thought is the best balancing for the class, this is just some of my thoughts resulted from playing ninja succ b4 and after the update)


In my opnion the alert stance distance reduction is not really needed, perhaps reducing the distance traveled, maybe remove the FG? Reason being Alert stance was a move that really allowed ninja succ to move really quickly, and the cherry on top was the FG, after the update the distance got reduced a lot, its lesser than ghost step now, making it not as good as before for movements :(


Maybe its just me, but i feel that beheading the dead should have more leway for ghost step cancel, most of the time when i use BTD, i will look at the enemy to see if they are stunned or not, if not i will usually ghost step away, but that small window of looking at enemy is the window for ghost step cancel, so after that i am stuck in the full animation of BTD, which is unprotected.


The flow for both Succession: Ankle Cutter and Succession: Crescent Slash is amazing, but sometime the charater will do the falling animation instead of performing the slam... really annoying, especially during PVP, and the jump from the flow is a small jump, it shouldnt have a long fall animation, Ground Thrust dont have the problem, or rather it did not show to have the same effect when i tried jumping off at the same plaform using those skills, only the flow from both succession skill gave me falling animation.


This is all I can think of for now, maybe in the future I will update this or edit those which are alr fixed :D

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Edit Date : 2020-03-14

ty for the suggestions, ExaltedRiven

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