Screenshot / Clips BEST [Cherry Blossoms] Dark vs Light
RedRumLady 2020-03-22 14:46
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"On the Altar of the Devil, up is down; pleasure is pain; darkness is light; slavery is freedom and madness is sanity..."


~later that day~



No, wait.... I can't be always in the dark side... Maybe my other good side of me knows where I should be, where I really belong..... I still perfectly remember those times...



Those times where I feel light, alive and vibrant...



At times, our own light goes out but those feelings would never disappear... Where the cherry tree blossoms, the Sun shines so bright giving life to our world... Away from the darkness, for a while...



Here I am, with my own self...~



Learning how to live again, learning how to love again, learning how to keep myself in balance between the light and the dark... There's nothing wrong with being dark nor light, it's just how you show it to the world...



Life is about creating balance, not suppressing on the good or the bad...



You just have to embrace them EQUALLY.



With Love,



Credits to Daeo, the cute lil devil Shai in Velia <3


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# 2

First of all, I love it! Poetry is a unique way of showcasing the Cherry Blossoms and joining the event. Also, is she the quiet shy who's always in Velia?


Goodluck babe!





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# 3

come to velia storage roof in H1, I'll feed you two


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