New Cla ss that most RPG do not have
Perue 2020-03-22 15:32
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Hello, This is my first time writing in a forum, please excuse my english and formatting.


A female cla ss that is as big as the berzerker cla ss with beast like ablilities. Example like werewolfs or vampire. (Though Im not sure if it affects the games lore)


I honestly have never seen females with body builder build in video games before considering the fact that female body building community has grown a lot these days. I was hoping I get to see a female bodybuilder character in game at least once in my life. Overall it is just a suggestion I hope Im not disturbing anyone.

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Body builder? there's one: Guardian

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welcome to the forums, Hozeh.

Its your forums as much as ours. 

Have a great time here as well as the game.

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Hi Perue. the cl@ss suggestion for like a werewolf or vampire type is fresh, but if it's just for the body build, the Guardian already has it.


Thanks for the suggestion. I always say, do not think if it will be approved or not, but you'll never know if you just keep it to yourself.


EDIT: (another post where C L A SS was not allowed but I'm pretty sure I was able to use this word in other posts.)




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FeedbackTopicNew Cla ss that most RPG do not have

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