Game Suggestions Option to Visible, Invisible other player mounts
Clementjne 2020-03-24 15:31
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- When i first play this game, just like "OMG what's a beautiful game, beautiful city, beautiful nature,....." 
- After couple of months playing, I just see it's an AWFUL, Ugly city ever with full of other players mounts, the worst are at every Ports players start to park theirs ship like a huge "Trashs"
- I event stuck in these "Trash" things, and the game with stupid mechanic keep reject my move!! (Escape to safe zone?? its just kicking me to the safezone far away from my mounts/ship and i must sprint, swim to use them again?  WTF???!)
- My computer good enough to run remastered setting, but not good for looking an hundred Horses ass

- Thanks for reading
- And sorry for my RAGE mood!!


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# 2

yeah. RIP beautiful ocean scenery


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# 3

I like it!

There's also an optimization setting where the game "Removes Players on Certain Situations" I wish you can force this feature during world boss fights. 8pm World Bosses is just a nightmare to deal with. 


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