General Discussion RIP Valencia I Quest Runner, RIP FS
Lotys SUPPORTER 2020-03-26 14:56
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As of March 25, 2020, repeating Valencia I questline to get advice of valk/failstack (+20x5, +30x3, +50x1) is no longer "convenient".


Now, in order to do Valencia I quest, you must complete Mediah main quest first. To start Mediah main quest you must complete Calpheon main quest first. And so on and so forth....


We always had a party and boost each other to level 55 and do the quest together. It took 2-3 hours from creating a new character until we finished the questline. Much more convenient than making failstack on reblath with hard black crystal and black stones armor that have thousands of pre-order on market. And it still rng.

We had fun, lot of adventures, weird shit happening, and sometimes in the end we do enhancing session together. And now we got less reason to hanging out together, and my condolonces to all my friends who just did pen roullete and haven't recovered their gears yet. With that they are forced to do lifeskill (to get their concentrated stones) since they are commiting to enhance their own gears.


First they removed unlimited green gears from npc and prevent making failstack becoming profitable/win-win situation. And now this. What next?

I guess everyone should braindead buy their gears now.


Character Name Lotys SUPPORTER
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Oh yeah, i just notice that. It's bummer. Good bye V1 quest every 3 days.

PA just want to make us suffer i guess...


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# 3

Cough cough... glad I did it ... b4 25th hehe


Miss you my darling Gold Supporter Affig


Fam Love!


Cough cough 3 days cough cough, Hudo sama... maybe thats why... cough cough 


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This is one big bruh moment for those valencia quest runner, making stacks will be harder from now


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# 5

This is a huge blow for me since i do 5characters of val 1 questline per week 
to get stacks. Haha, oh well. T'was fun while it lasted 


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