[Crown Mar 28, 2020] Conquest War Viewpoint
LionessSpark 2020-03-29 19:08
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Character Name LionessSpark
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The lag must be wonderful for everyone or was it just our country. 02 Mins dead respawn... and all enemies were not red for me. Hope its better for others.

My first time experiencing this... 


Thank once again for the LOVELY reporting instead of the generic boo boo versions.... 2 photos n tax versions which comes tomorrow, which are SO DAMN BLOODY interesting to read!


This is a great project.

I just shared them with Noticemesenpai and Quezacotl discords.


Thanks again, Supporter LeonClan.

best of Luck this 1/4 for the TOP10, you deserve it!

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PA at the early start of Conquest war had good writing but the problem is that they don't consider the politics that happening behind the scene and between guilds. 

Malaysia can actually fill 2-3 Guilds with Malaysian Mercs if you organize it. there is strength in numbers.

Lag, most siege players are on VPN and are on the lowest setting possible. if very lag we go on vacation and get merc for spots.

The lag this month is base on the massive influx of new players and trial event.

Character Name LionessSpark
Main Character Valkyrie
Lv 62
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