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'Church' Buffs in Cities
Veonya 2020-03-31 01:15
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Been asked many times, especially before Wars. I ask them as well LOL

Thanks to my guild mates for the locations, some I have never taken before like the ones at Velia, Valencia and Altinova.


What are these? Just 02 Hours buffs at 05 Gold BAR each


1. AP & Accuracy

2. DP and HP

3. Combat n skill XP


You can buy all 03.



1. VELIA - <Elionian Priest> Ottavio Ferre


2. Heidel - <Apprentice Priest> Arsen (Look for Eil on map)



3. ALTINOVA- <Astrologist> Zigmund


4. VALENCIA - <Innkeeper> Nerasabi Alom


5. DUVENCRUNE - Altar (Near the Northern Stable master)



6. GRANA - <Eldest Spirit> Merindora


Hope it helps your journey, dear friends.


Toffee of Florin


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Gives new meaning to "get blessed before going to war." Hahhaha.


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I suggest that you also put the exact percentage or information of the buff.


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I only knew the locations of heidel church. ty for the guide.


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sorry, I dont know "EXACTS" , maybe u like to try to see what are the 'EXACTS'??? MeisterBlank. Open thread, always welcome to place your observations on the 'exact' number, sir.


made them as we are always asking fellow guildies each time before wars, Supporter Frankie. Got them down from fellow guildies and took the shots... mainly for my own use.. LOL. Hope you are not too busy this last wave. Never too late to get that gold title, brother. We have very little qualified participants this round. GOOD Luck! Most of all, stay safe!


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The buffs stat is RNG. You can talk to the Priest multiple times to get the desire stats.


I don't remember the exact RNG stats you can get. Will update for Veonya if I found them. :D



  • Elionism’s Blessing – Experience:
    5-15% Combat Exp + 10% Skill Exp (not sure on the random figures for Skill Exp)
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Attack:
    3 AP + 3 Accuracy (can get +5AP or +8AP, not sure with accuracy - will try when I get the time)
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Protection:
    50-150 HP + 3-8 DR

This is not 100% accurate but you get the ideas and it lasts for 2 hours, not that hurt to roll your RNG.


Credit: grumpygreen


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Thank you Supporter Reinswoth, may you win the Gold Title.


Exact Gold Title!


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GZ for being Top 10 Supporter TOFFEE

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