Naval Node War
Renellyn 2020-04-05 17:24
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its was announced for event that in Global Labs that would be an event "Naval War"


yes its good when we will use own carrack to do...

but what im intent to do with this post is... Please give update for Guild Galley..


Its feature is good when playing this game we can do it with other member guild...

playing together is more fun ratherthan play alone... We was have Node War, Conquest War for war in land... and now looks like developer have interest to expand it into naval war too..


but when do Naval War with own ship... its like bit annoying since even sea is vast... but to many player in there with their own ship.. make the naval war became really narrow...


so my sugesstion is... just upgrade the Gear of Galley please..

its like, giving new gear (Yellow Gear Galley) with stats surpasses individual carrack..


Yes, its should be surpasses individual carrack for the Yellow Galley Gear... since its about to guild war... that cant be do it alone..


If you think this will make the game Imbalance.. the second suggestion is...

All Galley feature should operated manually.... yes Manually...

so i can say, you will need all your guild members to operate Yellow Geared Galley to make it full Potential. And thats not an easy task even for Large Guild...


The Suggestion i offer for Yellow Gear Galley.

1. Its Must be stronger Than Single Carrack

easy to say,

- make its DP Double than Blue Gear Carrack (apply too when reach +10 enhance gear)

- make its AP Cannon Same with Valor Carrack, (apply too when reach +10 enhance gear)

- make its Speed same with Volante Carrack (apply too when reach +10 enhance gear)

- update its Cannon, 10 Cannon each side of ship


My suggestion maybe like really imbalance and overpower

but to operate it to full Potential, you will need at least 21 Guild Members (1 Driver, 20 cannoner), each of them should manually operate its intrument

i think, event for XL guild, its would be hard task.. since coordinating a lot ppl is not easy job, but still possible.


And how to get that Yellow Gear... to make it not easy too get.. maybe system "how to get" on current ship feature can be implemented..

for example... you should have +10 Blue Galley Gear first for each respective gear (Prow, Cannon, Sail, Plate) and some couple material


if some guild can reach that level, i think naval battle would be more interesting.


Thats all for my suggestion for upcoming naval battle on global labs.


Thank You :)

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