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Parchment Dropped by a Graverobber
Veonya 2020-04-06 09:43
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My Guardian got this few weeks back while clearing 1000 Naga for the Suppressed Giath's Helmet Box


Googled it a little and decided to keep it for one sweet day on the Shai (Its crazy, took me 3 hrs with time wasted for the sunrise, more on this later)

Nope, I didn't 'discover' this guide, just sharing my 3 hours of torture but the torture is fresh... thus I can still help if you need some info.


You need the above ITEM looted from Graverobber Afuaru.

You can only do this ONCE a family

the rewards?

I didnt use the compass parts so here it is



It will take some time. Yes! Some Desert travelling for those who have done Valencia 1 and 2 Main Quests, you know the torture.

If you are not familiar bring loads of purified water n star anise tea =)


GO to  <Innkeeper> Nerasabi Alom in Valencia City


The King's Eyes

Aiming for the Sun

Go to the Tower (Find Storage NPC Ramanit, tower is just above him)

This is where you notice my mistake....... ITS Midnight! 

So make sure you are here when the SUN is Up 

We get 02 Compass parts from the quests, so if you are not used to desert travels, buy the 3rd one from the Central market maybe?

I kept the parts, it sells at 3.8 - 4M each.

Codes are as follows to save our precious energy:


right 3 times

left 2 times 

push 4 times 

pull 7 times 

push 1 times


A Journal Left Behind


Now our torture begins.


Travel all the way to TITIUM Valley (Desert Fogans area) Open your MAP, its below Valencia City


search the area BELOW Atosa's Villa, find the ponds.


Start with AREA 01 for find those Journals, they are beside these Grave stone structures.



We get an Optional Titium Valley Journal (Yet to do)

Once all 04 are completed move to AREA 02, less water and find this stucture

REMEMBER to get the quest (Journal) b4 you leave this area.


We are now moving to Crescent Shrine area, just in front of the Crescent node manager







Looking thru the eyes of the giant, brings us here

Follow the Mountain edge and move slight South. (Its very near) Find the Cave, if you missed it, you will enter from the back side further down south.


Interact with the stone structure

Good news is, the hardest part is over.


Now you just need to travel to AREHAZA TOWN and find their Chief at the seaside.



Some Contribution points, some XP and a FREE Layten

Just glad I am done with it.


I did the bdo palm forest boy questline here as well, give you a Palm Forest Boy title upon completion.


Hope it helps. have a great day now!


Toffee of Florin





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