PA has the best programmer ever!
ArwenEvenstar 2020-04-16 05:58
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I played this game for years and I'm so glad that I did! Love this game!

Let me share some of the things I loved in this game:

- The central market (CM) always auto refresh every few seconds, so you won't have any chance to scroll down your long list of purchases or sales to make edit. PA's programmers do that because they don't want you to scroll too often in CM. They want to help you prolong your mouse lifespan!



- When you are lagging in game and try to relog (change chara/server or back to chara selection screen), the game will autoclose for you. PA programmer do that because the want to help you save your time and electricity bill. They know it will be both frustrating and a waste of time for you to play a game with that level of lag, so they think it's better for you to exit the game and turn of your computer to save electircity bill! If you still insist to play the game after a lag, then after you login back to the game, the game will kill your chara by sending him/her into the sea of abyss and drowned him/her till death. The message is clear: STOP PLAYING OR DIE!

Look how my chara died in Grana city after being sent into the sea of abyss in the screenshots below!


- PA made a great video for the intro of the game and won't let you skipped that video, so everytime you run this game, you will always be amazed by the wonderful and beautiful world of BDO. It is important for you to watch that video intro over and over again everyday because it will remind you how beautiful this game is! Even if your game crash in the middle of world boss or guild raid etc, It is very important that you watch that whole intro video because it will give you consolation when you realize that after you login back to game, everything is over and you didn't get loot from world boss or guild raid etc.


- The journal is one of the best thing in the game because it multiplies your expereince in the game tens or even hundreds fold! Isn't that awesome! If you succeed 1 enhancenment, you will fell like you have succeed hundreds of them! If you gain a title, you'll feel like you've been rewarded hundred times!


These are only a few I can think of right now. There are still a lot of amazing things that you'll love in BDO!


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THUS I hope you come back to help the new ppl with these hehehehahahahaha


come come Gold SUPPORTER YZXJogja




Miss you all! Hope we can all rejoin, its only 30 days this time.

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Just a question, the Sea of Abyss is an actual ingame place? Why do they send you there, just to kill you and then back to Grana? That's awful.


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IKR, Truth is cruel..

Unfortunately, BDO got the worst bug problemss error when lagging compare to other mmos. 

o The sea of abyss.. for some reason all lands are under the sea in BDO?

When BDO lags and failed to render the land/ground , you just drop to the sea and drown to dead... Happens to me when I grinding , my character falls through the ground and drown to dead..


o The intro movie is annoying thats for sure.. That fake intro, so BDO can hide " Now Loading please wait."  With SSD/m2 speed, that is no longer neccessary, hope they remove it! Feels bad when someone crashed when resurect when dying when bossing and have to wait for intro...

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The intro splash screen is to notify users that the application is loading. 
Imagine starting bdo, and nothing. Just a blank screen for 20-30 seconds. Nothing to insinuate that it is loading right before the login screen pops up. 
This is comparable to the dial tone on phones. 
Dial tones are not necessary. Imagine you call some one and there is NO SOUND at all to signify that it is ringing to the other side? You would obviously think that either they are unavailable or someting is wrong with your phone. That's the reason why dial tones are there even though they aren't necessary. 
It's the same for any application or game; i don't ever recall any application or game that has no splash page signifying stuff is laoding. If you wan't to somewhat skip this, get a faster ssd. 

Journal bug; it has something to do with your time and date settings. Just google it. It's a well known bug. Honestly pretty trivial. This is something they can probably test locally but you can't expect them to travel to each country of the world they operate in and check it. 

Lag issues, pretty sure PA has no power over your ISP. If game works for thousand of peeps online and you're the one lagging. It's you fam, not PA. 
Lag is a universal problem for all gamers and it is something that PA and any other game dev has very little control of. No matter how much they improve their network code or update their system, if you live x miles away from server, you WILL experience lag. Even if you have NASA connection. 
Use stuff like exitlag or mudfish is all i can recommend.
Otherwise migrate to the local server location /s.

I agree with the CM, but i beleive the reason for this is because it is hosted on a different server. That is why tehre is a few millisecond delays when you do anything there, as well as the issue of it rescrolling. You can check task manager; if you close one of the process there related to CM, you wont be able to use CM at all until you restart the game. Honestly, the problem you mentioned is trivial as the current CM is much better, a HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement to the old market system. Only people pre-current CM will ever understand this. Ok i know i sound like a boomer; but really, one small twitch of your finger to scroll down? I duno, i wouldnt mind that over the stupid inflated prices and sniping hitting your mouse button 1 million times a second hoping and praying that you get a single memory fragment.

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