Oversized & Clipping, Option to Hide Weapon
MildVenus 2020-04-20 03:15
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am i the only one who got incredibly annoyed by how oversized my kriegsmesser is? just wondering, assuming there are dk's around... :D

well, it doesn't scale with character's height, i don't like having tall character so the weapon is clipping with the ground...i guess this is the same with warrior and his greatsword...or tamer with her staff...


it would be better if the weapon is scaling with character's height.


and wouldn't it nice to see your character in full while running? well guess what, pre-awa & succ guardians can't because she carry a huge shield on their back..


so better yet, why not adding option to hide weapon in non-combat mode?


witches hide their weapon, why not everyone else? at least give an option for them to do so...just like how you hide your cape or helmet....


i know i've seen many forum post like this, asking for an option to hide weapon, and most of them are like 3-4 years ago, and PA still do nothing about i guess it will never be implemented...


at least i got this words out of my head...


thank you...

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Edit Date : 2020-04-20

some capes can hide weapons, like guardian's outfit. And some weapons can hide the capes, like warrior's gavi regan outfit.


Yeah we need the option to hide weapons to make everything be more consistent. And of course for aesthetic reason too.

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Hi Mild, the option is currently not availble, would be great to have though. Personally, my main weapon doesn't clip, I didn't make my character too tall, if you can imagine the height slider (0 to 100) in character creation, I set mine to 25.


Currently what we do is manually unequip the weapon. I am not sure if Karlstein or Dark Chaser cape costume hides the main weapon, but even the DK main outfit, Rosa Casius doesn't hide it. So far only the seasonal outfit, Snowflake Dress, can hide the DK main weapon.


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mine is not the shortest also, it's about 15-20 on the slider...


yes but we have to unequip the emain weapon AND the main weapon skin for it to be invisible


i don't know about the snowflake dress but judging by it's name i guess it's only come out on december...still, it's not the best solution to force player to use one type of outfit to avoid annoying clipping & oversized weapon...


really hope PA will add the option though

Character Name MildVenus
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Hello Mild Venus, due to my experience some of the costume does give hide weapon. For Guardian costume Kharoxia does hide the weapon and only take out the weapon when u go combat mode. When you go non combat mode the weapon poof! they will disappear. Same goes to Ranger Crayodale Costume which hide the weapon when u go non combat mode.

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A choice to add "Hide weapons" would be lovely, I would love that as well as some of the costumes got that features (usually those were being the 'limited' ones will hide the weapons) 


It's kinda weird when it is not synchronised, I get how you feel man :(((


I hope PA will try to implement this as well, thank you for the suggestion!

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Edit Date : 2020-05-21

@Gelesta :


in DK, that would be arethel outfit, i'd love to use it but i don't like the fact that the back of the outfit is, again, doesn't scale with character's height, it clipping with the ground...can't feel comfortable with that...


@faehlan : yea me too

Character Name MildVenus
Main Character Dark Knight
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FeedbackTopicOversized & Clipping, Option to Hide Weapon

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