Missing Suppressed Kzarka Weapon
YuhhYeet 2020-04-22 18:44
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Edit Date : 2020-04-22

Ok so I'm a new player that joined because of the current event going on that gives the free suppressed boss gear. Recently I've reached lvl 60 and cleared ALL the quest to get the complete boss set so I should have 7 equips altogether (Head, Body, Gloves, Shoes, Main, Sub, Awakening Weapon) However, now when i check my inventory I realise i only have 6, all excluding the MAIN WEAPON.

I've checked every possibility, EVERY storage including the horses, my delete tab and stared at my inventory extensively. The weapon is unsellable on the marketplace and if I sold it to a vendor I would have an extra 100m which I do not. So I really do not have any idea where the weapon go... Appreciated if you could advice and resolve this for me!

Attached is an image to show I DID claim the box but I can't find the box nor the weapon ANYWHERE.


I've already submitted a ticket but posting here to see if anyone would have any idea what may have happened...


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FeedbackTopicMissing Suppressed Kzarka Weapon

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