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HitmeMoore 2020-04-30 14:46
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Hi Everyone, 


We are an expanding guild seeking members of all backgrounds as long as you fulfil two criteria.

1) Friendly

2) Frequently Online (afk counts)


So, in other words, no daily requirement,  no gear requirement, no level requirement etc. If you wanna just chill and fish/barter, be our guest.

We have members from all over SEA: SG/MY/PH/ID etc


However, we are also seeking members who wants to be part of a community, build memories together and take part in guild activities/missions/discussions/node wars etc.


PM the Guild Leader in Game: SaruMahou

or via Discord: MnkyMjk#8348


Do let us know whether you are the 

1) leave me alone to chill type OR

2) I want to be part of this and that type

so we know who to bother! Heheheh


Cheers :)

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