More silver from farming without powerlevelling
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Hello there, 

I'm Kuuro, a master farmer and an all around lifeskiller. You can find me hanging out in Lunar Halo or Florin (when Lunar Halo is full) for any lifeskill question you may have. ^_^


Medal flex

(Just kidding. This was taken after maintenance.) 


This guide is about gaining easy silvers without powerleveling to Artisan 1 and hoarding Stonetail Fodder materials. Each harvest is rougly 25Mil to 30Mil. You can also use this method to easily grow Onions, Peppers, and Hot Peppers without breeding! 


How you may ask? Farm white seeds of course! 


To get you started, all you need is Alt character that you can park in Calpheon and 100 CP to get Strong Fences. If you have less than 100 CP, that's okay as well. If you don't want to park in Calpheon, this is okay as well as you can store the White Seeds in the market place for easy access anywhere with a Central Market NPC. 


Steps below: 

Step 1: Rent Strong Fences from an NPC near you. Use the NPC finder to locate one. 

Step 2: Buy White Seeds from Ahr in Calpheon. Each strong fence can accommodate 10 White Seeds so a total of 100 total if you have 10 strong fences. As a tip, place your alt character just outside Calpheon so you can easily restock. 

I would suggest buying Onions as they sell with the most value.

Step 3: Plant your onions. 

Step 4: Use organic fertilizer (optional) as this cuts the growth time by a huge amount. For comparison, see below: 

Step 5: Use spare workers (preferably giants or humans) to tend your farm so you don't have to take care of it. The workers can be from anywhere (even in Ilya Island or Valencia!) without connecting the nodes. Using workers ensures that your crops does not get pests or weeds thus resulting in faster harvest time. 

Step 6: Wait for growth and harvest. 

This is a result from a single batch (100 crops) of White Onion Seeds! 

If I sold these to the Central Market, I'll earn roughly 25.7M with VP and 21.3M without VP. 



1. You should do this with an Alt parked in Calpheon (either to plant the seeds directly) or to stock your CM with the seeds. 

2. Use energy from alts. If you don't have enough energy on your alt, use another alt. Each harvest costs 30-40 energy on Master farming (will be more depending on your farming level hence alts come in handy). 

3. Method is best used in cooking imperial to avoid marketplace tax but if you just want raw silver, this is a pretty good method too. 


For any questions, please feel free to respond to this thread or to message me in the lifeskill chat group. :) 







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Thank you very much!!


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can you explain us about this?

and where can i see the list of seeds' stat for recommended humid and temp without placing it.

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As far as I know: 

Blue bar: Fishing resources around the area. 0 representing exhausted / 100 representing abundant. 

Green bar: Resource availability (nodes). This potentially affects node workload per cycle - the lower it is, the more workload is added on top of the base workload. 


To view recommended temperature and area to farm in, you can go to:


Hovering your mouse over a seed will give you the humidity and temperature situation. As a good starter location for farming, people can try in Velia behind Eileen. This is a well-rounded area and most crops should do well here. 

Character Name Valfrelea
Main Character Valkyrie
Lv 61
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