[TIPS] Infinite Swimming Stamina
Gelesta 2020-05-03 20:00
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Hello Everyone, Im Gigantis. Today I will share to you all tips about infinite stamina while swimming. As you know swimming on the sea will consume stamina like running but recovering stamina while swimming are very slow unlike running. Apparently there are solution for that issue, when you swimming and your stamina deplete, Go to Character Selection and enter the game again using same character it will autofill your character stamina that you will be able to swim infinitely!


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This is a decent tips

May i add that you can also use this trick to refresh your breathing bar when swimming under water, very useful when you dont have the fish outfits and really need to gather that coral 

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I never really thought of it like that, and have never experienced getting stranded to have to swim that far. I guess my auto response is the Old Moon Flare in the loyalty shop for 300 loyalty. Thanks for the tip!


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I tried this with changing character, it works too! It take up some time but worth the shot of not having to pay for a costume for the diving part xD

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Thanks for the tip Gigantis! I've been having problems with it and needs to go to a nearby land to jump and catch my breath haha! Will do this tip once I go to the sea again! 🌹

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Hehe I used to always do this back when i didnt have any fishing costume and had to gather glue for frigate. These days i always buy loyalties splat costume,saves a lotta time.
Nice guide . 
heres a pirate pepe for u :p
Pepe The Frog Pirate, HD Png Download - kindpng

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