Tolong jelasin CC striker
Whitejacket 2020-05-04 12:58
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Edit Date : 2020-05-04

ada yang bisa jelaskan CC striker?

Character Name Whitejacket
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Edit Date : 2020-07-15

Hi Whitejacket,


There's a lot to learn with regards to the CC combo of Striker. Obviously, there are a lot of videos on youtube for this one but I encourage you to join community discord for Striker as they have tons of knowledge with regards to the class. I'm very sure you'll learn a lot more after joining the community discord

Character Name Admiralx
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Edit Date : 2020-07-16
On 2020-05-04 12:58, Whitejacket said:

ada yang bisa jelaskan CC striker?


Well there is information on the skill tree about CC, guard, and damaging. but for most people they learn by doing or watching. so i recommend you to join striker/mystic discord channel there is many information you can get regarding CC mechanic of your current class.

Character Name Reeitei
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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