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How to Overstack
LoliNeeSan 2020-05-04 13:23
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Edit Date : 2020-08-19

Greetings Adventurer

Today i will be talking on how to overstack your mount

Please note that this guide is aimed for newer players


So imagine one day you're grinding and you see this icon on the top right of your screen

Perhaps what you'll be thinking is to return to a nearby NPC to sell your trash loots

There is nothing wrong with this if you're only planning to grind for a short period of time, but if you want to grind for a long period of time you risk losing your spot by going back to town to sell the trash loots


What you can do to prevent losing your spot is something called "Overstacking"

So what is overstacking you might ask

Overstacking is the act of storing items on your mount past their max weight limit

Let me tell you how to overstack

First when your inventory is filled up, open your mount inventory

After that right click on your trash loots and press Max Qty (quantity)

And there you have it an overstacked horse


Now say you've done another grind session and filled up your inventory, how to add more trash loots directly to the mount?

The answer is you can't, you need to move the trash loots from your mount to your inventory first and redo the steps i mentioned above


Extra Tips:

When you're going back to a town to sell the trash loots you can move all the overstacked trash loots on your mount to your inventory, this way your mount can move at maximum speed


I hope this guide helps some of you! if you have any questions you can leave a comment down there or contact me at "Billy#1182" on discord or whisper "Billyansah" (family name) in game. You can share this guide with one who needs it using this short link


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Edit Date : 2020-05-04

Just be careful if you overstacking in certain areas such as desert or in servers like Arsha.

While not common as before, people used to grief if they know you are overstacking. 

When you take out the trash loot out of your mount in order to restack it, they kill it. Leaving you overcumbered and unable to move.

Or kill you en route back to town when you have removed the stacked mount and switched it to your inventory for maximum mount speed
Traveler's map is quite handy to keep around in such cases.

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Edit Date : 2020-05-06

Thanks for the details Billy! I rarely do this as I get a little obsessive compulsive whenever I breach that weight limit, which is also rare because I rarely grind, and I have 1900+ Max WT. Keeping for reference!



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