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Tips To Remember Which World Boss Dies First
Faehlan 2020-05-06 22:06
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Hello, fellow adventurers!


I saw many players especially newbies are having a hard time to remember which world boss will die first when they spawn at the same time so I'm here to share with you guys a really easy way to remember which world boss players will go to finish it first.


Here's the latest and current world boss schedules that PA uses now.



This is like sooooo many double spawns, newbies will definitely be confused and cannot remember the orders, I recommend you to place decently geared alts at -:


- Quint

- Kzarka

- Kutum

- Nouver


Why I recommend those? Because Muraka and Karanda will always get killed first so you can go there with your main instead of alts.

But placing alts at those two World Boss is okey too in case you don't have much time to even go to Karanda or Muraka in the first place.

Same thing goes for Offin, Garmoth and Vell.


Oasis gears are available currently and the end date for those gears is still TBA, so I think it will be a long time before PA decided to end the Oasis event.

Those gears are already decent for World Boss fights, make sure your character is level 56 or above for decent survivability.


Ok, time for the easy method to remember which World Boss will die first.



(Please right click on the pictures and open in new tab for clearer view on the pictures.)


If you open your map, just read it from left to right.

Muraka -> Quint -> Karanda -> Kzarka -> Kutum -> Nouver

First to die --------> Last to die 

(it works in any combinations)

The left to right order can already be used as a guide to see which world boss will die first.


I hope this will help other players who wanted to go to both world boss that spawns at the same time inconjunctions with the events and revamped world boss schedules!


For more detailed guide on how to fight world boss, please check this guide made by Supporter Frankie!


TLDR: Just open map and see from left to right which boss comes first xD


Thank you for reading.



Character Name Faehlan
Main Character Archer
# 2

I see a lot of people asking which boss are we going to first in the server chats. I hope they will take a look at this tips! owo//

It's not wrong to attend both world boss at same time - just ready your characters if it's too far. Can sprint with your fastest horse if it's nearby! Or you can just choose to attend one boss at one time~


Thank you for the tips, Sae!


Character Name Rozenelle
Main Character Witch
# 3

A lot of my guildmates have been asking me about this topic. This will prove useful, thank you, @Sae! I'll refer them to this guide, it's more well written and clearer than when I explain it hahaha. I'm not a good instructor."



Character Name Florentino
Main Character Archer
# 4

This is great for a quick reference as a lot of players normally wonder which World Boss to do first when they spawn at the same time. Also, with the new boss schedule where there are a lot of double spawn World Bosses. The good thing about these quick tips is they are easy to refer to. Long, detailed guides are the best, but it's also nice to have something like this where you can link it a few mins before the activity and players can still refer to them.



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
# 5

@Rozenelle Yes, I saw a few of them asking the questions too hence I made this guide especially for the situation, hoping it can help them in any way possible. ^^ From my experience, using Doom from Kutum to Nouver still works, but Karanda to Kzarka or Kzarka to Kutum no longer works (i tried T_T), since people are mostly put their alts at the respective places compared to before.


@Florentino Hahaha, alright, I really hope this will help your guildmates man! 


@Aura Yes. I wouldn't make it if I can't make it simple and clear and I do agree some people just want it straight to the point so here it is. ^^


Character Name Faehlan
Main Character Archer
# 6

Actually this is very useful to me because I haven't focusing too much on World Boss haha- The new schedule surely confused anyone even the veteran!

I'm glad you took your time doing this Sae! <3
Will make sure to note on this not only to newbies but also myself :>


Character Name Qalene
Main Character Ranger
# 7

@Qalene Ahhhh I'm glad it helps you dear love!


I legit discovered this when a player asked in the server what world boss dies first, it seems a newbie too seems they dont put their alternates at some spawns. I looked at my map and realized the positioning xDD Told them like that and one of them (not newbie) said that was a easy and a good way to remember it so yeah figured I put it here as guide :>


Character Name Faehlan
Main Character Archer
# 8

Dadi @Faehlan !! Why you no tell earlier about this?! I keep going to the wrong bosses at the wrong time and miss the other one x_x (well.. used to be.. now no more)


But that's a really good way to remember which world boss die first. Thank you for the note (*write down on note book*)


Character Name Centilia
Main Character Sorceress