MoonlightTofu Guild [MY/SG Based & Open for Int.]
Snwdrp 2020-05-08 02:44
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Hello everyone!


We are a casual English speaking PVE guild. Although we are based in MY/SG, it is open for international players as well!


There aren't much requirements to join the guild but just some normal info for you guys:
- We are a friendly guild (hopefully everyone respects one another)

- There are no gear requirements!
- New and returning players are welcomed!

- Our guild activities are -> sea monster hunting, weekly vell, daily quests, life skilling, adventure!

- You can just chill and do your own thing. Don't have to stress over power-levelling.

Guild benefits (as of 21/05/2020):
- Max: Gathering and Fishing buff

- Max: Accuracy (+5%), All AP (+5), Max HP (+100), Damage Reduction (+5), Evasion (+5)

Although there are not many buffs running in the guild, we are doing guild quests everyday to get more guild points for the remaining passive buffs.
Do look forward to you joining our guild and grow with us! :)

The link to the discord is as of below:

If you don't want to join the discord first, simply just whisper the players in game following the family name below:

- Longdong
- Twice1

- Snwdrp


             Join us Today!               

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Goodluck on your guild recruitment MoonlightTofu!


This may not be a priority but it really helps if theres an image that people can remember you by, maybe a guild logo which you can include in your post.



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