[Travel] All of my Journey!
Weissman 2020-05-09 01:23
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Hello guys, there is all of my BDO journey documentation

hope you enjoy the screenshot ^^.

for full gallery you can access my instagram : @achankun18_


Footage : first time using Valkrye, not bad at all also i love Enslar lancia <3


Footage : First time trying Witch, reached Calpheon chapter storyline *taken before bdo remastered

Musa footage : Exploring Hystria cave, found Ator ruins!



Found Pilgrimage! don't know what pilgrim i explored? :/ 
*never used compass when journey at desert xD 


Explored Sulfur area! first toughest monster i know.

Nice geographic with sulfur rocks everywhere.


Lahn released and finally i got my awaken weapon, the Crimson blades!


Demi Riverbank bridge, morning view



Duvencrune cave, feel concentrated mystical aura there.


Grána residences, home of Kamasylvian.


Arehaza village, far west village on Kingdom of Valencia region.


Gyffin Rhasia cave, i found very mysterious coffin there.


Atanis Pond, beautiful Kamasylvian small lake. <3

Yianaros field, swear if my laptop upgraded to pc its a great scenery! <3

Trent area, sacred tree nest.


Cadry ruins.


Duvencrune capital regency of Drieghan, seems like Tibetian people culture.

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