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[Meister TIP 102] Increase Stable Slot Pearlessly
MeisterBlank 2020-05-09 14:21
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Greetings my fellow Adventurer,


Now and then Black Desert would give a mount event week. Of course trainers either veteran or soon to be would be very happy because of this event. If you ask me why? It is during this time the breed percentage and mount xp increases. Before that event would come out I plan ahead and already stored 60-120 horses around Heidel. (Right now I only have 40 horses left) Though I'm not yet a master in this life skilling or a GURU perse. I've seen that most of those top lifeskillers use Serendia as their Horse Stables/Storage.


Today we will uncover how many stables are there in Heidel than in any other places. This guide aims to let you know this following:

1. Total stables

2. Max horse per stables

3. Putting above 3 horses without buying any horse ranch or using pearls. Because few want a play to win style of gaming.

4. A continuation of u guide in Reddit.


Throughout the continent which was subdivided into 7 territories which are Calpheon, Kamasylvia, Dreighan, Balenos, Serendia, Mediah and Valencia, there are 38 stables (?). Among these 38 (?) there are 7 stables in the Serendia region. Thus Serendia is one of the best places to store your horses.

Last training event there was T6 horses in the field around Heidel and Bloody Monastery. If this still doable in the next event then Serendia territory is the best place for you as a beginner. In my case when I breed horses I only use 1 stable and in Serendia you could only breed in Heidel. Thus I don't store any horses in Heidel. What I did was using Glish and its nearby node as storage.

Without any further ado, these are the following nodes that had a stable in which you could use as horse storage in Serendia territory.

1. Glish

2. Northwestern Gateway

3. Neutral Zone (Oliviero)

4. Central Guard camp

5. Southern Guard Camp

6. Eastern Gateway

You don't need any CP to use these stables but you need CP to upgrade your stables in Heidel by buying/renting a horse ranch or buying a horse storage slot using pearls. Kindly refer to the U guide.

I hope that this short tip could help you a lot in saving your contribution points as well as your beloved pearls.

If you have any inquiries just pm to my in-game family name Cyberdasm or pm cyberdasm#1299 if you have a discord. You could also share this guide using this shortened link

Stay tuned, keep safe always and God blessed.


At your service,

Your supporter, chaplain, mentor and a friend.


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Character Name MeisterBlank
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May 14, 2020 - Added mount xp in the first paragraph


Character Name MeisterBlank
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# 3

Sorry I missed this on release day. But 40 horses is not a lot for trainers? For me... that's a lot. Keeping for future use.



Character Name Auraenys
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# 4

Thank you for your feedback Supporter Aura, Yes of course its a lot. But the last event depleted my horse stacks. Actually I always snipe T6 last event and hoard them for future use and for the next event perse. During event time T5 and T4 horses could rarely be seen. Imagine having thousands of players it is much better that you hoard alot rather than wasting your time in stable keeper sniping those horses because you need them.  Having a Mechant and Noble wagon could deplete those stacks easily. I know we have so many goals as a trainer but in my case I need those stacks because I will sell them in imperials.


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# 5

You cant do this when you tame a horse right?


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# 6

Well based on my experience its better if you tame a horse rather than buying it in the horse market. But the pros side of buying is it will save alot of time. Well, 40 horses could easily  lvl up to 15 during event because of the mount XP. If we compute it, it would be like this:

40/4 = 10 Which is 10 wagons in total if you have a merchant wagon.

Everyday you could finish 8 horses if you are in higher mastery. Well I only use T5 so I'm not sure if T6 is doable in this case. If you have a statistics, kindly send it to me and I will add it in the guide.


Character Name MeisterBlank
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