Shai Music Talent Daily Quest
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Edit Date : 2020-08-19

Greetings Fellow Shai  Adventurer

With the recent Compose & Play update we can now play music as a shai but the amount of notes we can play is limited by our grades

Luckily we can increase our Music Talent grades by doing the daily quest

in this guide i'll be talking about the daily quest to increase your Shai Music Talent


First, why should we increase our Music Talent grades?

Because it increase our allowed notes limit! as detailed in this table


Notes per Grade

Measures(Bars) per Grade

















As of this guide writing the highest Music Talent grade we have is C- (will update once the cap is increased)

Note : To reach C- you only need to do 7 daily quest and the Music Advancement D- , D and D+

There are a total of 8 daily quest which is located in each major cities (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia, Gr'ana, and Duvencrune) + on the oquilla eye

The daily quest is simple and easy and they will award you with this

Which you can use to increase your Music Talent EXP

Please note that you have to use that item within 24 hours after receiving it or it'll be gone


How to play the Music?

1. Press Esc and go to Community tab (F9) after that click on Music Album

2. After that you can either compose your own song or download the song that other adventurers made

The song that you've already composed / downloaded will be shown on the list up there, you can click the play button to play the song


So here is the daily quest

1. Velia

First you come to Proix in Velia and accept the quest

After that you go to the old velia wharf and interact with the sign

After accepting the quest from the sign, play a music near it and go back to Proix to accept your reward


2. Heidel

First you come to Puia and accept her quest

After that you go to Bobby Lauren, interact with him and accept the quest

Finally you play your music in front of him and go back to Puia to accept your reward


3. Calpheon

For the Calpheon daily quest you need to go to Lieber Rousseau and accept the quest from him

After that you play your music in front of those people and claim your reward

4. Altinova

For the Altinova daily quest first you go to Haley and take his quest

After that you play your music in front of him and thats it


5. Valencia

For the Valencia daily quest, first you go to Saya Nesser and take her quest

After that the quest will guide you to the valencia plaza where a bunch of people is gathering and floating a green lampion

Interact with the NPC there and take the new quest

Finally play your music around them and go back to Saya Nesser to claim your reward


6. Gr'ana

First you meet with Bleu Arnatte and accept the quest

After that you go to Lanka and interact with him

Finally you play your music in front of him and go back to Bleu Arnatte and claim your reward

7. Duvencrune

For Duvencrune daily quest you want to meet with Kyisa and accept the quest

After that turn around and play your music near the child playing the Garmoth Kite

Finally you can claim your reward from Kysia


8 Oquilla Eye

Will update this once i actually do it

For the Oquilla Eye daily quest, first you go to Herrad Romsen and accept the quest

After that you go to the tent right in front of him to an NPC called Serendian Soldier and interact with him

Finally play your music in front of the Serendian Soldier and claim your reward from Herrad Romsen


That is all from me today, I hope this guide help you on your shai daily quest and im looking foward to more creative contents and song from those shai musician

if you have any question you can contact me in game family name Billyansah or on discord Billy#1182

You can share this guide using this short link

Also dont forget to visit Supporter Shai Music Collections 


Character Name LoliNeeSan
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Edit Date : 2020-05-13

Updated the oquilla eye daily quest

Character Name LoliNeeSan
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
# 3
Edit Date : 2020-05-14

Great Guide! I am also looking forward for more good songs from the Shai musicians.

Character Name Recalescent
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# 4
Edit Date : 2020-05-14

Wonderful! you should also add the bars per grade if you can billy. :3

Also thanks for tagging me owo

Character Name Supporter
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# 5
Edit Date : 2020-05-14

Added bars limit per grade as requested by @Supporter

Thank you @Tafume, ikr i cant wait to see more meme songs and creative content from this update

No problem @Supporter, im looking foward to more songs from you (also release that violet evergarden ost pls xD)


Character Name LoliNeeSan
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
# 6
Edit Date : 2020-05-14

Im still waiting for Dracarys by Ramin Djawadi from Game of Thrones my dearest Supporter!


For Reference:




Character Name Auraenys
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Lv 61
# 7
Edit Date : 2020-06-10

Good guide. Better than some ex suppoter teaching people how to open Pearl Shop and Crafting menu. I mean how brain dead can you be.

Character Name LazyTitan
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Lv 62
# 8
Edit Date : 2020-09-15

Just came back, doing this now.


Sweet thanks, Billy!

Character Name Veonya
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Lv 62
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