error to download patch file
ZenTek21 2020-05-14 21:26
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Edit Date : 2020-05-14

captures of proofHi my name is ZenTek21 in my acc,just want to know why am i not able to install the game,i thought the game maintainance should be ended on May 13th,why cant i download the file and when installed the client,plus its aslo having some problems just to update the file patch ,it loads halfway and it stopped with a "fail to apply patch file",can the gm help me out or is there somthing wrong with clients app?,im not sure cuz i just download automatically,manual files are unable to extract or run at all,pls help me out ive tried using the ways of the forums customer support to do the reinstall program and stuff,but its still the same overall  and my server is sea server,i hope the gm can help me out for this errors thnx.

Character Name ZenTek21
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 12
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Edit Date : 2020-05-20

HI!! can I ask do you already fix the game? im having the same error now. IDK how to fix it.

Character Name Laurelle
Main Character Tamer
Lv 60
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