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First in the Menu series in the BDO Wiki.

You can access the BDO Wiki by clicking the icon on the old menu, or by pressing F1. The first thing you will see is a Beginner's Guide, but this is also the page where you can search for information related to BDO.



In this window you can see the following:

A. Updates     
-This Week     
-Last Week     
-Two Weeks Ago     
-Know Issues

B. Game Guide * 

-Game Guide
-Everything About Black Desert
-Beginner Guide
-Intermediate Guide
-Advanced Guide
-Lv50 Questing

C. Game Information
-Character Introduction
-General Information
-NPC Shops
-Black Spirit
-Chat Window
-Mini Map
-World Map
-Energy Basics
-Advanced Energy Guide
-Exit Game
-Equipment of Magical Power
-Sticker UI
-Caphras Enhancement

D. Community
-Guild Mounts
-Compose and Play System

E. Combat
-Black Spirit's Rage
-Node and Conquest War
-World Boss Raid
-Arena of Arsha
-Red Battlefield
-Field Boss Raid
-Marni's Stone
-Renown Score
-Altar of Training
-Altar of Blood
-Savage Rift
-Agris Fever

F. Life
-Taming (Training)
-Prodcution Activity Guide
-Advanced Fishing
-Basic Alchemy
-Advanced Alchemy
-Imperial Delivery
-Work Management
-Garden (Farming)
-Alchemy Stone
-Golden Seal
-Imperial Craft Delivery

G. Game Features
-Central Market
-Crafting Notes
-Making Your Own Outfit
-Reserve Transport (Character)
-Exchanging with NPCs
-Contribution Point Rental Items


There is also information of the 4 Continents with their respective level requirement, leveling guide and Under Water Ruins

H. Calpheon

I. Mediah

J. Valencia

K. Drieghan

L. Underwater Ruins
-Protty Cavern
-Sycraia (Upper Zone)
-Sycraia (Abyssal Zone)



*Some information may need an update




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