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losing ship when DC'ed
Chardhue 2020-05-20 23:40
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im new in the sea barter life so i try to venture into open sea close to crow nest but becouse of connection i got DC'ed nad when reconectng i lost my ship full of lvl 5 barter item!
this is suck can u change something about it? and worst of all im in the midle of nowhere so i use old moon flare to help me ghet back into the land gues what im now in margoria sea and take forever to get back! dding slt to my wound is the old moon flare bring me bck to lemme island so use warf manger to remote collcetion (make me lose all barter item and sick sailor) but the ship registered at illya island not lemme island, how m i going there ? this is worst day ever in bdo


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Hello, Chardhue.


I hope you're back to main land and be able to retrieve your ship by now!

I know how pain when it happened. I DCed few times also - resulting my ship to be in different location from where I reconnected multiple times and lucky for me, it's not that far from me. I can swim to the ship safe and sound.


Regarding your ship being collected back into Illiya Island instead of Lema Island is because it'll goes into the nearest wharf because of the items stored into your ship. Since this happened and it's truly sad that you lose your barter items - may I suggest that when you're continue-ing bartering and happen to go to the Crow Nest again, make sure your ship is empty to avoid this from happening again. >< I also suggest to you that you bring Traveller's Map (we can buy the oasis since it cost only 1 silver) - if you're in Lema Island, you can use it to go back to Olvia and run to Velia, ride the griffon to Illiya Island! It's lots of works but it's an alternative for you.


I also hope that this is fixed - especially with our ship being lost because of we getting disconnecting and reconnecting.


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