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Irresponsible Ship Parking
Nighto 2020-05-26 12:13
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# 1

l would like to suggest...

please add a hp degeneration/maintenance debuff over some amount of time like 15 minutes if the ship owner is not mounting on it OR didn't check in to the wharf manager


especially for those fishing rafts that got abandoned out of nowhere, and the guild galley outside illiya island on Serendia-2!!


by doing this, it allows the ship to despawn automatically even in safe zone

thank you for reading


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# 2

Highly support this suggestion. Cause it creates a lot of "obstruction" not only for getting onto land or boarding the ship, but also, obstruct auto-path routes. A good example is the guild galley that is always park around iliya, its been there for days in Serendia 2 yet its protected by "Safe Zone". I think the members of that guild might have forgotten about the galley somehow =D


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# 3

Central Market

Safe Zone

-Widen the safe zone area in Velia

Time limit

-15minutes without character in a ship automatically Check In Wharf

Additional Whitebeard Members

-to clean those irresponsible ship owner who parks their boat outside the safezone



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# 4


Write to us on our discord if you find such parked Boats. WhiteBeard are happy to clean up the ocean and warf managers for you.


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