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Auraenys 2020-05-27 11:47
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I remember, it was after season/round 2 of Supporters when I got asked why I wan't to be a Supporter, my answer was why not?


Truth is, I didn't know, I just got so used to being a Supporter that I didn't know how not to be a Supporter.


But first of all what is a Supporter? The Application Page* states it simply and clearly:



So by default, you should already want to help others, make your community better than it is now, but after 3 seasons of being a Supporter I feel like this has become second nature to me, and although it is my primary task as a Supporter, it is not my primary motivator.


There's also the rewards (who doesn't like free stuff?). You get a SUPPORTER title ingame and in the forums, 30 Days VP by the end of the season, 5 Bronze Package codes, and if you get into Top 10 by the end of the activity period, an additional colored SUPPORTER title and 1000 Pearls. Yey for free stuff right? But I don't know.


I already have both SUPPORTER titles (they don't stack even if you get Top 10 multiple times), I have a few 90 day VPs sitting in my Pearl inventory (thank you Black Friday 2019 Promo), the Pearls and Bronze packages are nice, but not something you cannot buy. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for these perks, and it's nice to feel rewarded for your hardwork, but again after 3 seasons of being a Supporter, material rewards has become a secondary motivator.


So why do I still want to be a Supporter if these things are "secondary"?


For me, I am only expressing for myself, as there are alot of Supporters and everyone may have their own feelings and opinions on why they want to be a Supporter, but my personal reason, realized after 3 seasons, or 9 months of being a Supporter is the...


Experience of Meeting People.


Cheesy right? But it's true. When you help people, you don't just help them with their queries, in return they also help you in the form of experience (I don't mean ingame experience). I remember a few times, when people would come up to me ingame, just to say hi (sometimes even for a photo), or would message me randomly, and would be happy that I replied (who is she?! lol).


Also, it's not all positive encounters. Sometimes there will be people who will disagree with you, ranging from a simple difference in opinion (super normal), to directly messaging you their dislike (it's getting awkward), to people making fake accounts to try and flame you (super weird). But positive or negative, experience is experience, and I take it all in and learn from it.


The Experience of Meeting People, I think it's human nature, sparks joy (Marie Kondo??). Interaction and collaboration makes Black Desert more than just game and more of a social activity. The people you meet and help do not give you anything material in return, but the exchange between players, the experience, is a reward in itself, and I have to say is the primary reason why I wanted, and still want to be a Supporter.


30 Days VP = 10 Dollars

1000 Pearls = 30 Dollars

Meeting People = Priceless


There are some things money can't buy, for everything else go to the Pearl Shop!



*Supporter Season/Round 4 Application is now open! Check the application page for details, and hopefully we all get to share the experience of meeting people.




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Here are some of my past Supporter activities that helped me experience meeting people.


Auramazing Race


Supporter Ingame Meet


Play with (Aura)Fyre

Black Desert: Next Top Model


Character PRO-Files



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Still don't have any interest to become one



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