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Rozenelle 2020-05-29 01:47
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For the past few weeks, I was a little burnt out with the games (grinding and trying to progress my gears).

Most of the times, I just go online and AFK - mostly fishing and processing but thanks to these people, I feel a little alive!

I try to enjoy back the time I spend in the game.


💜 Elyssia 💜

I went to Valencia in hope to find a portal into the Aakman Temple but I mostly found portal to Hystria Ruins instead so, I told people I'm going to Duvencrune to sulk about it -  someone came to cheer me up!


💛 AkashiLegacy 💛

After a long hours of grinding at Mirumok Ruins, we went back to Grana, had a little talk trying to catch up since I've been gone for a while (keeps AFK and minding my own business) and had a little photo sessions since we got same outfit to show it off!

We called ourselves as cat-witches twin (we got few outfits that made us looks alike due to our preset).


💙 CybrDemon 💙

My personal stalker admirer - he actually stalking me in Olvia with Elyssia (with consent) and he started to accompany me around, especially when I'm milking those cows for cooking ingredients.

In the end, I'm the one who kidnapping this two times bigger and taller striker for a photo session in hot scorching sun after the rain in Sand Grain Bazaar, Valencia.


And thank you, Adventurers of Heidel for hearing my tantrums most of the times. Without you guys, I probably losing my mind and stopped playing the games.

Shoutout to Seamonn, Calista, Starsfall, Saelanzar, Ryuumon, Ibarra, HorizonHQ & friends - also not to forget MilkTea and Sovereign guilds, you guys are awesome!

I'm still with my guild <NYAA> - they're the chillest, meme maker nicest people I ever known in my BDO career and we like cats (most of us)!

I'm sorry if I missed anyone. You are all actually precious to me. I'm sorry for being such an annoying and irritating friend.


💕 Thank you, everyone 💕


Yours truly;

^・ω・^)*:・゚ket-wirch - Reins




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You're welcome, ReinsWoth >.<


We all experienced the same thing. 


Character Name Centilia
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You're welcome Rein ^^ I'm glad I helped you in tiniest bit :D


Lets us all continue playing BDO together!


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@Centilia & @Faehlan - you guys probably not with me all the time but I appreciate those little times we meet each other during world bosses and sometimes in the middle of the road <3


Who said games can't let us find more friends and 2nd family?! (ノ❁^・ω・^)ノ


Character Name Rozenelle
Main Character Witch
# 5

Omo I only saw this post now! Did not expect the feature, thank youuuu *blush*

You aren't annoying and irritating, OK? We're more than happy to be there for you <3


More pics and hangout soon UWU



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