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Guild War Declaration/Retraction
Centilia 2020-05-29 16:40
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Situation 1
Member of Guild A requested member of Guild B for a spot duel. Guild A member lost the spot duel and declared war to Guild B because unwilling to admit defeat. Guild B declared back for mutual war. After an hour of street war, Guild B retracted the declaration but Guild A decided to permanent declare Guild B because of ego and don't want to admit defeat.



Situation 2

Guild C declared Guild D for griefing/steal mobs. Member of Guild D switched server and left the area to avoid war. Guild D contacted officers of Guild C to retract but none of the officers of Guild C were to be found. Or Guild C don't want to retract because they have not score any kills yet and this declaration dragged for days until Guild C decided to retract as it drains their guild funds.




I'm not sure what others think about this but I, myself would really love it if there is a feature of having the guild war retracted after an hour or so for one sided declaration. It would be great if any war declaration only last for an hour and automatically lift off after an hour. 


Please link me to any of the related post (if any) so this does not become a "duplicated" post.


Thank you.


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# 2

Hmhm my guild got it too from guild Corona, im not sure if its for memes or not and that guild still havent retracted the declaration which is pretty weird xD


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# 3

bdo is all about pvp and there are many guild that you could join like [casual] one so they wont Declared nor Received it.
i think this post should be delete because not informative and nothing is important.


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