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[Newbie Guide 107] Rent
MeisterBlank 2020-06-02 04:03
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Maayong Adlaw my Co-Adventurers,


A while ago the black desert made a new function on a stable menu which the new button called Rent. This button will allow adventurers like you and me to rent horses. In this guide, I will show you how to do it.


1. First, go to any stable keeper. 

To find the stable keeper just click the magnifying glass icon near the minimap then click the horse head icon in the modal menu. 

2. When you arrive at the stable you will be welcome by a stable keeper. Interact with him, then select the stable in his menu.

3. In the stable menu, you will find this new button wherein the Rent Menu resides. However, the function is also inside the dropdown menu when you select a horse inside the stable.


Rent Function is only limited to horses as of now. Hence, you cant rent wagons (of course forest wagons), donkeys, miniature elephants, and ships (I'm hoping that this feature would be available soon). In the stable menu, you will find your available horses for rent under Mount Status.


A “Renter” and a “Rentee” are essentially the same things which is a tenant or someone who is paying money to a landlord or property owner to live in their home/apartment/flat etc. You may also be mistakenly spelling one of those terms wrong and mean “Rentor” which would be the person who owns the property and is charging the rent. In Real Estate or law there are quite a few examples of this where words are very similar but mean the opposite thing such as grantor vs. grantee, rentor vs rentee, trustor vs trustee. One way to determine which is which, is to consider that the one with the -or on the end of the word is the one giving something and the one with the -ee on the end of the word is the one receiving something. A Rentor gives a Rentee a place to live. A Trustor puts property or money into a trust which is then received by the Trustee. - Steve Nanninga


Rentor's Guide

1. Check-in first your horse in the stable

2. Select the horse. After you click that horse a dropdown menu would pop up.

3. Select Rent.

4. Enter the Renter's/Rentee's Family Name and select Confirm.

5. A system mail would arrive that notifies the name of the horse that has been rented.


Renter's/Rentee's Guide

1. Select Rent in the Stable Menu

2. Under the Rental's List Select a horse and pay the amount.

3. Select Stable in the bottom menu

4. Select the horse then a drop-down menu would appear either you take it out, recover, or return it.


Rentee's Returning a Horse.

1. Select the horse that you wanted to return and select yes in the dialog box.

2. You could view the horse in the Return List of Rent Menu.


Collecting the Rental Fees

1. Select Rent in the Stable Menu

2. Select My list and COllect your rentals


Rentor's Cancelling the Horse Rental

1. Select Rent in the Stable Menu.

2. Under My List, Select Cancel.


Rentor's Retrieving the Horse

1. Select Rent in the Stable Menu.

2. Select My Return List in Rent Menu.

3. Return the Rental Fee and Retrieve your Horse.


NOTICE for the Rentor:

1. When you put your horse for renting purposes the horse gear, as well as the horse costume, is a package. Therefore if you want that only the horse would be rented, better take out first your horse gear and the horse costume.

2. You cant use the rent function unless you are in the cities and some specific towns like port epheria, sand grain bazaar, etc. Those towns that has a Horse Market in the Stable Menu. Thus without it, you cant use the Rent function.

3. The rent function is not a server/channel lock. Thus you can use it even if you are not in the same server with the rentee.

4. You need to return the Rental Fee in order to retrieve your horse.

5. You can let the Rentee rent your horse even he/she/it was already offline.


NOTICE for the Renter's/Rentee's:

  1. You cant put on any gear in those horses that you rent.
  2. You can't put off any gear or costume in a rented horse.


If you have any inquiries just pm to my in-game family name Cyberdasm or pm cyberdasm#1299 if you have a discord. 

Stay tuned, keep safe always and God blessed.


At your service,

Your supporter, chaplain, mentor and a friend.


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Now I'm going to check this out! Been afk horse training since last night.


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