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Starchaser - Heidel Ball
Ameiko 2020-06-04 06:00
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Greetings everyone!


Welcome to the second chapter of my Starchaser series, featuring the first ever BDO Ball. I was among the lucky ones to get an invitation. I promised Pearl Abyss that I will cover it as best as I can for those that could not come, so here it is!


If you see your character, or the character of someone you know in one of my pictures, please annouce yourself! I was occupied with taking them and did not realized that I'd love to know who is who much later on.


-------- STARCHASER --------


"Glory be this land, through the strength of its people."



After the fateful meeting with the Queen of Kamasylvia, I went on my way, once again busy building dreams from the bustle that is the commoner's life. Although overwhelming to everyone who has their feet wet, this land is also known to reward diligent folks that appreciate its many beauties. With the silvers earned all by my own hands, I found myself a little enterprise and planned for it to prosper.


One day, as I was walking through the busy port of Velia, I heard the town criers calling out to the citizens.


"Hear ye, hear ye! By the decree of Her Royal Highness, Princess Jarette, a masquerade ball will be held within a fortnight, with the purpose of celebrating the achievements of our nations, announcing the plans for our prosperous future, as well as addressing to the people's needs, and adoration.  A small list of attendees, chosen from the most illustrious of our citizens, representing the very best of our nation, will receive Her Highness invitation. Aspiring attendees are to register themselves with the local royal committee within each region. Those who will be chosen will have their invitations delivered to their doorstep." 


A chance to meet the best and brightest people all around? Who am I to receive such an honor? But then again, the young hopeful in me said it doesn't hurt to try. Thus I went straight to the royal committee, eyes brimming with excitement. The process was simple, filling out my name, and answer to the officer in charge one question as to why I'd want to be there. I answered truthfully, and laid out my journal regarding my last journey to Kamasylvia for him to see. He must have took a liking to it, because an invitation was delivered to me a week later.


On the day of the ball, I was filled with both excitement and a bit of exhaustion. My business trip took me to the boiling desert of Valencia, in search of the fable fruit, so notorious for its rarity and incredibly large demands, that can only be found near Arehaza Town, which lies to the very east of The Continent, that would one day a part of my very first self-build ship. That tale, however, will be for another time.


I trotted back to my rented apartment in Heidel, and dressed up for the occasion, all the while fantasizing about what I will see at the ball. I imagined there would be food - lots of delicacies found throughout the Continent, as the invitation said we would be transported to a banquet hall. I imagined there would be music and dancing, of gorgeous ladies and their gentlemen in a flurry of fancy clothes all swaying under the captivating melodies. Why, it is a ball after all. But then again, who will I do that with, since nobody I know of were invited?


Alas, all my worries were baseless.


Upon arrival at the banquet hall, it was apparent to me two reasons why they called it a Ball.


First the event venue was literally a round opening. 


"Instructions unclear, made a camping festival instead."


Not that I'm complaining though. This looks beautiful.


And secondly, cannonballs.


Yes, you read it right. Cannonballs.


Despite the stern warning from the Royal Army about disrupting this important event and the punishment that would ensued, several unscrupulous pirates and their ships still found their way to the event venue. The melodies that us guests heard for the first ten minutes were the sound of cannonballs exploding upon the wall. Apparently they thought it was good laugh.


I heard people calling out to Lord Nox, a Royal Commander and representative of Her Royal Highness, Princess Jarette, and complained about the ubiquitous hammering sound. Taking matters to his own hands, Lord Nox took swift actions and decidedly sunk all vessels without mercy. I was not standing near the wall, so I asked a fellow guest what Lord Nox used to enact judgement upon those evil-doers. He replied "Nerf gun", and I believed it without question.


Now that any misunderstanding about the nature of the Ball was casted aside, it is time to enjoy it properly - by participating in utter chaos, and meeting the various people throughout The Continent. 


Quite an exotic gentleman, I must say.


Another princesses from another land.


"Alright, here's the deal - whoever look in the camera first, lose."

(And Pumpkinface is my favorite guy. How about you?)


Ah yes, what would total chaos be without a protester or two. Cute flag though.


The cutest twin I've ever met.


"It's over Guardian-kin, I have the high ground."




"...... And I surrender unconditionally. Congratulations sir. Now kindly stop bothering me, I'm the Usher not Lord Nox. He doesn't have this awesome halo."


The kewtest family around. It's amazing how they got in together.


"Worry not, good citizen. Me and the little lady here will do our utmost to stop any interruption to this event!"

"That's my fairy..."


Ah, such a fine sculpture, worthy of being inside a royal establishment.


Wait, what...?


The magical jumping challenge.


But my, what a view.


This is our illustrious Royal Commander, Lord Nox. (As you can see, he doesn't have an awesome halo.)


A gorgeous Valkyrie with eyeglasses. I love ladies with eyeglasses.


I vote this the best, most radiant smile in the entire Ball.


Winners of the Hat-Off contest flanking us.


But all good things come to an end.


It's time for a final shot before we all go back to our daily lives.


Here we are. Fare thee well, strangers. It was a privilege taking pictures of you beautiful people!


------------------ The end ------------------


Special thanks to:

Pearl Abyss and its people: for creating, maintaining and expanding this magificent game.

Lord Nox, aka GM Nox: for overseeing this event and taking care of those unscrupulous pirates. It was so satisfying.

The amazing people in my screenshots: for your beautiful characters. If you see yourself or someone you know in my pictures, give me a shout and I'll edit family names below!

And you, dear viewers, as always, for your kind words and encouragement which inspired me greatly to continue this series.





Character Name Ameiko
Main Character Lahn
# 2

Hi Ameiko, too bad we didn't see each other at the ball. i saw some people I know in your photos.


The one on the right is ReinsWoth.


L to R: Gelo and Ibarra




Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
# 3

Happy to meet Reins again with her twinnie that day!~ 🌹 Edit: Love the ss's esp with the group with GM-chan xD


Character Name Arabellah
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# 4

Such a nice story and shots, Ameiko~ Keep it up <3 Your story actually inspiring me to write more but I'm having writer's block for a while now. :(

The cat-witches is actually AkashiLegacy (AizawaNarumi) and ReinsWoth (Rozenelle). Sorry can't identifies the others for you as I couldn't see more of the people there. That's why I end up afk, sitting at the side to calm my FPS. ><


It was nice meeting you too, Ara! I could see you and sometimes, you're just hidden from my screen. :<


Character Name Rozenelle
Main Character Witch
# 5

nice story (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

Btw i am the white lion mask ,, Nice to meet you @Amaiko (๑'ᴗ')ゞ

Xixixi awesome



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