Supporter Discord (DM for Invite)
Auraenys 2020-06-10 18:41
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Edit Date : 2020-06-10

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the new Supporters Season 4!


Kindly DM Discord: Aurafyre#9393 or any other Supporter or Ex-Supporter who may have the link (Arabellah, Billyansah, TearlDrops, etc) to get an invite to the Supporter Discord.


The Supporter Discord is not official, created by SproutAndSprog from Supporter Season 1. But almost all Supporters from past seasons are in this Discord and is a good medium to share ideas and ask questions. This is also open to new players and returnees who may need assistance.


Once you get the invite, and you know the other Supporters on the list, do invite them as well.



We may not be Supporters forever, but our support we'll always offer.

Guides, questions, ask away, we'll try our best not to lead you astray.

Useless, pointless, whatever you were told, we can at least help you get gold.

I know it's not an airport, there's no need to declare my departure,

But I'm not really leaving, just pursuing a different adventure.

From the old Supporters to the new, we pass on the tag to you.










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You can also DM Ibarra and ReinsWoth.



Character Name Auraenys
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Thanks @Auraenys,, count on us to continue the task of supporters. \( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)/
Please guide us senpai hehe ~

Best regrads

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