Leveling Fast in Season Server Guide
FriendlyFish 2020-06-11 12:16
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

Leveling till level 56 is pretty much easiest.

A llittle bit of grinding when you are questing will get you to level 56.

Black Spirit’s Quests will give you lots of inventory slots. So, following the main black spirit’s quest line is best idea for a new character.

I’ll put a screenshot how black spirit’s quest looks like:


Level  56 to level 58:

After you are level 55 it starts getting a little harder and harder to.

Doing  side quest with yellow color exp will fill up 1.3% exp per quest(with chenga tome)..

From level 56 to level 58 Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia teretory’s side quests will give you 1.3%(with chenga tome) .

This is how the side quests with good exp look like:


Level  59 to level 61:

From level 59 to level 61, quest of New Star’s End area/ new calpheon area, Kamasylvia, Drieghan Side quests will reward you 1.3% (with chenga tome) per quest.

If you are solo leveling, its the best and fastest idea to level up till 61 with quest.


NOTE: when u do main quest, some side quests gets unlocked in that teretory.. so make sure to do main quest in an area and then look around you for side quests and complete them.


Character Name FriendlyFish
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

nice guide. i also did that... not only that you will also get good quest accessory. 13ap  earring come to papa

Character Name SpiritMage
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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Wow Nahian how have you been? I'm sure you're stronger than me now, to think you started exactly 1 year after me. Congratulations on your progress!



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

UwU thanks nice guide i don't know about this iam always do some grinding for leveling and it's makes me tired cuz when you reach lv60 to 61 it's took a long time from leveling :(
Thanks for the guide FriendlyFish <3

Character Name Shidqi
Main Character Ninja
Lv 61
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oh, thanks please more guides for 40day quest! uwuwuwu

Character Name Flings
Main Character Sorceress
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

Its been so long Aura. im doing well. and got nice friend here now. so im focusing my most. im now 243ap... lets meet in game some time...

Character Name SpiritMage
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

Good info!

Character Name Aeleous
Main Character Wizard
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2020-06-11

Very informative, keep it up...

Character Name Khraeiven
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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Edit Date : 2020-06-22

@Flings here you go for [Season] 40 Daily Quest.

Character Name Osella
Main Character Mystic
Lv 15
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