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Game crashes without an Error message.
Szyleia 2020-06-11 21:35
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Game crashes without any Error message a few minutes after logging in to the game, haven't been able to play the game for a few months because of this. Please know that I've tried all possible fix you can find in the internet nothing helps. I've also reached out to PA about this and they haven't responded to my emails yet.


Character Name Szyleia
Main Character Kunoichi
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Try (Make Backup first)

o Delete "UserCache" Folder in My Document


o Delete "Cache" Folder in BlackDesert (where you installed BDO).


Some people report this works.


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Thanks for the response.


Unfortunately, I've done that multiple times. Here are the trouleshooting steps I tried so far which did not work.


- Delete User Cache and Cache.

- Scan files 100 times.

- Flush DNS

- Admin access.

- Allow bdo through fire wall.

- Updated pc drivers.

- Set settings to lowest.

- Played game with No antivirus.

- Played in window mode.

- Played only BDO (no running programs in BG)

- Played BDO when youtube is open.

- Reached out to PA no response yet. I've sent all those information they needed to help me resolve this, like video of the error, logs, etc. (I think they ignored my email for this specific bug)

- Reinstall the game.

- Reinstall windows.


Let me know if I miss something, that I can try to resolve this. PA SEA support is freaking useless. I'm kinda desperate to resolve this, so I'll try cleaning my PC and see if that works.


Thanks and No thanks to PA SEA support.


Character Name Szyleia
Main Character Kunoichi
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I came across a similar problem to this a few months ago. Try putting all graphic settings to low or reinstalling the game if this doesnt work.



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Thanks for the response!


Unfortunately, I've tried that multiple times. I also cleaned up my pc to see if that will resolve the issue, sadly the game still crashes with no errors. No help from PA about this issues, I've sent the information they requested and they haven't responded to my emails for a month now.


From what I see from the other players who emailed them this issue, they(PA) will ask you informations such as, screenshot, video of the error, logs and when you've sent it to them they will not respond to it. Like literally the case will be closed when they sent those email asking for logs etc. So I guess I just have to step away from BDO and uninstall it completely, because of poor customer support.


Game (BDO SEA) is not recommended due to POOR customer service.


PS they also did not resolve the first issue I've sent to them about the missing Level 4 shudad pet. They said that they will escalate it to other department and will provide update about it. I've sent that email 2020-02-19 and they responded 2020-06-06 asking me if the issue has been resolved and if not send the information again. What the flying fuck? I thought this issue has been escalated to the proper department for further review? I wonder what department that was, probably TRASH or I DON'T CARE department. Just like their customer service.. TRASH!


Seriously, I've only sent TWO complaints to them since I started playing this at game launch, and they cannot resolve it. I hate to say it but I cashed out funds for this game and they couldn't help me about the two issues I get. I felt scammed. Lesson learned, check the game's customer service rating first before shelling out money. Or else you will end up just like me.


No thanks to PA,


Character Name Szyleia
Main Character Kunoichi
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Currently having the same problem after the recent maintenance.


I had the crash problem before but it usually only happens once after startup. Now it crashes about 5-10mins into the game without any error messages everytime I log in. I was able to track it in event viewer but do not know how to read those properly. Tried all those above plus uninstalling the recent windows 10 update to no avail.


Hope there will be a fix for this.


EDIT: After the hotfix patch, My friend and I are still experiencing the same problem.


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Update: Issue has been solved when I updated my graphics card driver. Just go to your GPU manufacturers website or wherever website your GPU provides an update then update your graphics card driver using their tools. Hope this helps!


Side note: No response yet from PA about these issues I received.


Character Name Szyleia
Main Character Kunoichi