Deve’s Encyclopedia Complete Guide
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Greetings everyone.

Are you having trouble reaching your next ap bracket?

Then you should consider completing Deve’s Encyclopedia.

Reward for completing Deve’s Encyclopedia:

AP +1
HP +27
Weight Limit +2
Stamina +3
Other Items

Deve's Desert Fox pet,

1x Head Costume



How to complete:

You have to collect bunch of items and show it to Deve (Storage manager of Altinova).

It doesn't matter in what order you collect the items.


What to collect:

❇Book 1:

✻ 7 types of ore.

✻ 4 types of coin.

✻5 types of Gold Bars.

✻10 types of Flowers.


❇Book 2:

✻7 types of Chairs.

✻3 types of Chandeliers.

✻3 types of Bed.

✻3 type of Artisan’s Stuffed Decorations.


❇Book 3:

✻3 types of  t1 Coral.

✻7 types of items that helps you go underwater.

✻3 types of Fishing Rod.

✻3 types of Keys


❇Book 4:

✻5 types of Trap (Ropes included)

✻3 type of item for appeareance (Silk Honey Grass, Mirror of Equilibrium, Loria's Hand Mirror, Fogan Skin Oil)

✻2 types of Love item (Rose, Perfume of Courage, etc)

✻5 types of lonely item (Beer, Date Palm Wine, Honey Wine, Fruit Wine, Coconut Cocktail, Exotic Herbal Wine)

✻7 types of item that restore energy (4 types of Energy Potion, 4 types of herculles' Might set)


❇Book 5:

✻5 types of ogre item (Ogre ring, Soiled Ogre ring, Ogre Blood, Ogre Excrement)

✻2 types of items related to amnesia (Memory Fragment, Trace of Memory)

✻5 types of the hottest items in the world (Fruit of the Sun, Essence of the Sun, Golden Sun Coral, Magic Crystal of the Sun)

✻3 types of items made from dirt (All types of crafted items in Ceramic Workshop)

✻5 types of items that allow you to know the future(All Quality of Fortune Teller Mushroom and Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha)


❇Book 6:

✻5 types of items containing “Pure” in their name.

✻1 type of item that makes you look rich (Any class's Calpheon Noble Dress)

✻2 types of items to seek redemption from that barren feeling (Aal’s Tear, Tear of the Great Ocean)

✻1 type of items that promise eternal friendship (Token of Friendship earring)

✻5 types of items that Deve likes (Honey Wine, Flare, Transparent Empty Bottle, Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife, Soaring Wings Elixir)






Character Name FriendlyFish
Main Character Shai
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its so hard book. im still stuck on 4th page

Character Name SpiritMage
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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can you tell me where can i get the item of "3 of item for appeareanc"?

Character Name SpiritMage
Main Character Wizard
Lv 62
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Edit Date : 2020-06-13

you can collect Mirror of Equilibrium from blacksmith of druvencrun, and Loria's Hand Mirror can be made in florin workshop...

Character Name FriendlyFish
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
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