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Faerun 2020-06-20 09:23
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After 2 months of playing, I decided to chase dream horses and aiming towards getting Dine (hopefully). Read several guides, and just want to confirm. Is hunting and fishing only way to get Dine mats? From my understanding the only way to get Dine mats are


1. Hunting quests for hunter's tokens

2. Fishing chance to get conch seeweed

3. Farming or buying Munshums doll to get the petal from the boss

4. Stonetail farm quest


So, are there other option to get Dine mats?


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As far as i remember there are some quests you can do.


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getting conch from fishing is so difficult imo ...
the easiest way to get dine material is by completing stonetail daily quest or if you are rich you can buy manshaum voodoo dolls, open the scrolls, and exchange the petals for conch and yes, you can do whale/khalk hunting 😁

i suggest you to do peridot leaf daily quest around kamasylvia and exchange the peridot leaf for deep blue hoof root (doom material) or you can farming and get stonetail fodder (arduanatt material) so you'll need less dine material and increase 2 or 3 training (skill - elegance or elegance - strength) per one horse awakening attempt

but if you want dine 100% guaranteed, i think you need so many conch and need more time to gather the conch/spirit pouch (dine material) 

again RNG is RNG 😒 i got my doom on 26 FS, i actually aiming for arduanatt and i always put more arduanatt materials than doom's but in the end RNG gave me doom instead


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# 4

Don't forget [Friday] Daily Special on Pearl Shop
You can get 2 Mysterious Blue Conch for 20 pearl.
Mine is 33 fs, hope we can get our dine soon!


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# 5

i just got a Doom. 16FS. really wanted a Dine, but not complaining tho. ill get my Dine next time.


Character Name Faerun
Main Character Mystic