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Lore: The Gods and Deities of BDO
ShaItear 2020-06-22 11:41
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Hi guys,


Haven't seen much interest here about BDO lore. Considering how it was presented in game then we all know why.


Anyways I am planning to summarize some of the stories, so for the first one we have the different Gods and Deities in game.




Church of Elion

The God of Light and Fire and the patron god of the valkyries. He is a benevolent god that created the lands, the plants, and the animals of the world-- or atleast, that is what the church of Elion is preaching.

The religion of Elion called Elionism far predates the founding of the kingdom of clapheon, believed to have started way back at the time of the ancients, during the "tower of will" incident. Note that the tower of will incident is the one showed on the opening scene back in BDO Kr.


Nowadays, the main church of Elion is located in Calpheon city, and has expanded throughout the serendia region after they beat them from the previous war, and also in Balenos after they surrendered. Churches can be seen in Velia, Heidel, and Glish.

To further the faith of Elionism,  warriors of light were being trained by the church. Initially inspired by the fighting capability and grace of the former knight Enslar, nicknamed the valkyrie, her fiery red hair and battle prowess with weapon twice her size (Lancia) makes her stood out everywhere, and many believed that she has the blessing of Elion to weild such weapon.

The church has later published the Treatis of Valkyries, which is named after Enslar's nickname, then proceded to build the holy college of calpheon, dedicated to train the deserving, and make them the poster warriors of the church of Elion. And when I say deserving we are talking about the daughters of nobles and rich merchants, as having a vallkyrie daughter is considered to be a good for family's image.

In recent times however, the church is infiltrated with the corrupted members of the Guards of Dawn, and well they now call themselves as the fraternity of light, which had made the church do questionable things in the name of the God of Light (Interesting fact also is that the Secret Guards also came from the Guards of Dawn). This includes the disappearance of Enslar after she foiled the church's plan to summon of Kzarka. And with Elion not intervening since the supposedly first known contact in the ancient times, it begs us the question, does Elion even trully exist? There has been no known physical manifestation of the god of light, and soo it is up to your faith to belive in him.



The god worshiped by the Kingdom of Valencia, and to some extent, the region of Mediah. Aalism teaches the 7 commandments, which are religously followed by its followers. A yearly pilgrimage is also being done to constantly remind the followers of Aal about his commandments. Tho sometimes fatal, going to the desert and stuff, but completing the pilgrimage throughout the desert is one of the sacred task a follower ought to do, and one that many Valencians are willing to risk their lives in completing.

The pilgrimage usually start at the Sanctum: Fast. Located just west of the city of Valencia, the followers usually does not take any form of food and drinks until they reach the second sanctum. Which is not really a good idea when you cross a desert, but this is to remind the followers about Aal's teaching to suppressed their desires and overcome hardship.

Sanctum: Obedience - the 2nd sanctum and the first virtue of the 7 commandments. It teaches people to accept Aal as the one true God, and the core of Aalan teaching.

Sanctum: Abstinence - located south of Ibellab Oasis, teaches its followers to suppress bodily and mental desires in order to walk with the Lord.

Sanctum: Sharing, located at the middle of the great desert, teaches to donate to the poor. Making the kingdom of Valencia free from starving populace. It is a popular place for traders as the sanctum of sharing basically also increases your trade profit when you trade within the city of Valencia.

Sanctum: Purity - teaches to stay away from anything corrupt.

Sanctum: Humility - found on the far south of the great desert, requires its followers not to flaunt and avoid arrogance, which is one characteristic that many valencians hate.

Sanctum: Sincerity - teaches to be deligent in your everyday life. However this is the commandment that many valencians have difficulty in achieving, as the richness of the kingdom and the commandment to sharing to the poor makes a lot of valencian to be lazy. But those who are not lazy are well adored.

To end the pilgrimage, one visits the Pilgrim's Haven, belived to be the birthplace of the god Aal, and currently the grave of the fallen soldiers on the past war between calpheon and valencia. This is actually quite disrespecting and quite funny as people keep digging stones here lol.




The patron goddess of the elves. It is said the Sylvia came down from the heavens together with the nature spirits eons ago and planted the great tree Kamaslve, creating new life with the energy of the sun and the moon. Beneath the Kamasylve, she bore two children to reflect these two bodies: Ganelle in resemblance of the Sun, and Vedir in resemblance of the Moon.  A third child of Sylvia was born beyond the door through the Kamasylve tree, in a different dimension known as the Root Realm; she named her son Luthraghon, and he resembled the Earth.

One day, Sylvia sealed her will and energy within the sacred tree. Before departing to return to the heavens, she made her final request to the Elves to raise a prosperous civilization. The said heaven however is also being hinted as an alternate realm, and Slyvia is known to came from a realm which the god of darkness Hodum has taken over.



The God of Darkness. Like Sylvia, he came from a different realm, and supposedly connected to the black stones and the black spirit.

Tho rarely mentioned soo far, but Hadum has been part of some of the greatest tragedies in the world, well atleast due to his followers.

The earliest of such recording is the destruction and fall of Cron Castle led by the immortal alchemist named Caphras, which is once the chief of the Luthagorn clan. Another tragedy recorded with what the elven race called the Disaster of Darkness, in which black spirit has invaded Kamasylvia causing the death of the great tree after the Vedir used the tree's essence to repel the invasion. Lastly, the Black Death, a terrible disease rotting black the flesh of its victims without mercy or exception, is supposedly caused by Hadum's realm creeping in the world we live in. (more coming in Odylita expansion as per Ardunuate)

We may see more of him in the future, and maybe even Ilezra and our character is connected to this God. But Hadum is pretty strong that he beat Sylvia and another nameless god which he put in the black star and tossed it to our world.


Honorable mentions

Sylvia’s child who was created in resemblance of the Sun, sibling to Vedir, and matron figure to her descendents —who are also called “Ganelle” as a collective group. The majority of these Elves desire to live in harmony and communion with the elemental spirits. As with their resemblance to the Sun, they are often very righteous and zealous when angered.
Sylvia’s child created in resemblance of the Moon, sibling to Ganelle, and matron figure to her descendents —who are also called “Vedir” as a collective group. The majority of these Elves believe that the elemental spirits should obey them and that the spirits’ power should be subjugated and harnessed. It was one of Vedir’s descendents, Josya Odore, who insisted upon amplifying the power of the Kamasylve by burning its essence, repelling the Black Spirits during the Disaster of Darkness.
The third child of Slvia and the patron of the Elven Archers.Not much is known about him except the fact that he was born on a different realm to protect the roots of kamasylve.
Noted to use a spear, Narc is an Ancient Spirit from the Root Realm and the Ruler of Water and Rain. Their symbol is also the symbol, “brand,” or “stigma” of the Ahib. These Elves pray to Narc, asking for rains to quench the arid lands. With these blessings, they grow ivy from which they are able to extract magical power and prepare to siege Kamasylvia.

Despite being associated with the Ahib, Narc is not an inherently evil.  On the night when the Dark Knights escaped from Kamasylvia with the help of the Tooth Fairies, the Goddess Sylvia appeared before Narc and asked that he watch over her Vedir children, to which he agreed.
A deity worshipped in the Balenos prior being taken over by calpheon and Elionism. 
The goddess of the wave and the namesake of a great part of the ocean. 
A god deity in mediah. Altho many of the medians already worshiped Aal, but they are not as zealous like the valencians. and most likely converted to Aalism in order to have better trading status with the Kingdom of Valencia. Many still belive on Asula, which was born on the Rumbling land at the very beginning of time.
I know I missed some other gods, please do contribute below if you know their backstories haha. I also made a lore series video in yt if you are interested in video format:
Thanks for reading!
BDO Discords (Arduanatt and Whitrix are very knowlegeable in this)

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Oooooh, loreeeee! I love this!

I've read them somewhere but never get tired of this! owo//


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I'd really love to read more.


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I love this!


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Who's the Fish God the Otter Shaman says that to you that the will of the Fish God and wants fish?


Kzarka is also a god or is it a deity? Also the Black Dragon Nebraska (don't knowi if is spell it right) Deity worshipped by Guardians before they become apostles of Kzarka the one the gods punished for giving Kzarka the fire of Ynix? So the Gods sever Nebraska's Limbs and Wings.


There's also Omua i don't know if its the name of the citizens of the snow region or the god that Nebraska served? I think Omua gave Nebraska the Fire of Ynix to spread it to the people but the dragon got scammed by Kzarka and got punished for it.



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Ah, a fellow scholar of the Black Desert lore!


This type of post is most helpful for me. I love the game because of the lore, it made me want to write stories set in the world of Black Desert Online.


Keep up the great work, my friend! I'll be looking forward to your next posts compiling the lore.




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