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Common Terms in BDO
LoliNeeSan 2020-06-23 00:28
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Greetings Adventurer

Today i will share about the common terms that can be found in Black Desert Online, as we all know the world of Black Desert Online (or BDO for short) is a vast and diverse one so there are bound to be some terms that might be unknown to some players

The purpose of this guide is to tell some of the terms and their meaning

Please note that this guide is intended for new players

You can use CTRL + F to find what you need 

Also please tell me if i miss something or i need to update something here


Terms  Meaning
Agris / Agris Fever / Agris Buff Buff that increase the amount of trash loots a monster drop (up to 150%), can be obtained by doing the Book of Margahan journal that is unlocked on level 60)
Artisan's / Artisan / Artisan Memory Pearl shop item that increase the recovery of max durability by 5 times
AP Attack Point
AAP Awakening Attack Point


Blackstar weapon


Refers to the Desert / Treant Camouflage that hides your name from other players (party, friend, and guild member can still see your name)
Carrack The highest tier of a epheria sailboat/frigate upgrade
CP Contribution Points, the points that is used to rent items or investing into a nodes
Cron It refers to the item Cron Stone, used to prevent downgrading when enhancing an item
Daily / Dailies / Recurring quest Quest that can be done every day or in some case once a week
DP Defense Point
DR it means the Dark Rift system or it can also mean damage reduction, depending on the context
Duel for Spot 1 v 1 in order to determine who will grind in that spot
E buff  a powerful buff from a skill (usually its SHIFT + E)
Enhance Increasing a gear grade to increase the stats
FS Fail Stacks, the number that increase your success rate when enhancing, obtained from failing enhancement
Grinding The act of killing monster to earn silvers
GS Gear score, calculated by this formula ((AP + AAP)/2) + DP
GZ Used to express congrats, usually used when people successfully enhanced a PEN
Kama / Kama Bless Refer to the item Blessing of Kamasylve

A point that will increase when killing monster and will decrease when force killing player, when your karma is negative you can get your gear downgraded when you die


Looking for x amount of member


Looking for Party


Loot scrolls, an item that gives the user an increased drop rate and drop amount



Max Dura

Max durability, once the max durability of a gear reach 0 you cant equip / enhance that gear

Meme / Mem Frag

Refers to the item Memory Fragment

Merc / Mercenary / WH / War Heroes

People that join a guild temporarily to help them in node war or siege war


Refers to Mirumok, a party grind spot


Main Quest


Node War, a war between guild to claim a node to get guild funds

P2W Tent

Refers to the Naphart Campsite on the pearl shop


Refers to Protect Area, a skill on witch / wizard that increase DP by 999 for a short amount of time


Player killing by forced pvp, can be activating by clicking ALT + C, hitting or killing player in this mode will decrease your karma, cant kill character below level 50


Pre orders on the central market


Red Battle Field, a place where a bunch of people do PVP (team deathmatch)


Exchanging your contribution point for an item at certain NPC, can be returned at any time to regain the CP that is used

Siege / Siege War

A war between guild to claim a territory, the winner will earn a large amount of guild fund and increased drop rate when grinding on said territory by 50% for 1 week

Spot / Spot Taken

It means that "this is my grinding spot", you can search for another place or ask them for a duel for spot


Rich player that spam outfits and other pearl item on the market

Trash Loot / TL

Items that you get from killing a monster that you sell to NPC for silvers


Refer to the item Value Pack on the pearl shop


Want to buy


Want to sell

That is all from me for now, if you have any question you can contact me ingame Family Name : Billyansah or Billy#1182 on discord 

If you spot any mistake or want me to add another term i might miss feel free to comment down below

You can also share this guide to those who needs it using this short link

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# 2

This is a very good explanation/example for the terms we frequently use and see, probably some of us not familiar with - especially for new adventurers~ 


Thank you! \owo/

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# 3

Your welcome @Rozenelle

im hoping this guide will help newer players to understand the commonly used terms in BDO

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