[Event] Find the Hidden GM in Grándiha (Loc)
Hades 2020-06-24 16:09
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Greetings Adventurers !

Starting today, the Grána Harbour - Grándiha is open for public !!

on top of that, there is an event going on called [Event] If I say Pu! You say Queek!

in this event, we adventurers need to find the GMs who is disguised as kamasylvians, it's fun to search around and enjoy the sightings of this beautiful elven harbour.

But there is people that maybe don't have the time to spare for that.. :(
fear not, this thread will save your time searching for the NPC by yourself so you can easily get the rewards !

Quest Reward :


Enjoy the answer location and your +50 advice of valks

GM Edan (Quest Event Starting NPC)

A Fadus, he is standing at the entrance of Grándiha

GM Lani

A young priestess, located in one of the buildings near the entrance bridge, she is standing in front of a bookshelf

GM Crio

Sneaky little boy, he is located under the plank near <Etiquette Instructor> Pupa

GM Clorince

A gorgeous elf, she is located in the building near the beacon tower

GM Saya

A Papu, she is located in the fountain in front of the <general goods vendor> Esimiri in Grándiha

GM Daisy

Another Papu ! She is located in upper level of Grándiha buildings

GM Mariano (Quest Event Completion NPC)

She is on top of the roof, an archer guard, it is recommended to jump from upper level of Grándiha to reach her


That is it for the GM Locations in Grándiha

Cheers !

Character Name Hades
Main Character Wizard
Lv 61
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