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Having error with launcher suddenly its zoomed
Ysabele 2020-07-01 22:03
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I am having an error with the launcher yesterday where in it's like zoomed in, see the attached photo. At first i didn't care at all, just logged in to finish the update, however it seems that there's no progress with the update after 3-4 hours. So i decided to just uninstall bdo, and then reinstall it again. After doing so, the launcher is still like this? Anyone having the same issue? Or do you guys know how to fix this? I'm missing out a ton of events since i can't log in. Please help. Thank you.

launcher error


Character Name Ysabele
Main Character Mystic
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I'm also having this issues, got this fixed by reinstall the BDO launcher that you can get on the website and then install on the same folder as before


Character Name NasalPrimus
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Same issue. And still stuttering on a 9900k 2080ti


Character Name WarSoh
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Uh yeah, i did reinstalled bdo for like 3 times now and i still get the same issue? :/


Character Name Ysabele
Main Character Mystic
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Have you tried to do manual patching just to log-in?


Also with regards to zooming in, you can try changing your monitor resolution, open the patcher, then change back to original resolution. I do that to make the game window smaller, you have different problem but might worth a try.


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To avoid something like that or again don't press the full screen button, i don't know why when i press it will appear out of your screen size instead of full fit to tour screen.


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Same problem, no fix yet?


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