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Does GM even saw the forum ?
Verades 2020-07-02 11:44
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Im curious and wondering if Gm do read the forum in terms of what ppl went through because of the poor launcher and update file? seems like many of player faced same problem as well and end up quitting the game..
and up till now still no hotfix to the patch and failed to apply patch file still haunts lol wht a joke 
CS ticket is more even of a joke than this whole error
in which  they only see whether your character is online or not and it considered solved not answering the question tht we asked and wanted the answer the most ..


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they do


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Yes, They do.. Just wait until the maintenance finished, usually after maintenance some problems are fixed (even though not all of it).. That's why just keep trying to file a report with details information when you face a problem..


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Harro Verades~

The Game Masters check the forums~ don't worry!

With the pandemic still on-going, it's taking the GM's a bit long with responding.

But I'm sure that they do check the forums and they try to respond as fast as they can with the Support Tickets!


Try to give the GM's some time as well and try to give them more than enough/a lot of screenshots/even a video link of a problem to support your tickets. The GM's are there to help, just give them enough time for it!

With the issue of failed patch, I think it's better to save a copy of the game file in an external hard drive as a back up (or in a different hard drive), and re-copy the game back to your folder and re-patch. (This is for the meantime, while there isn't a solution just yet)

Hopefully this answer your question sir/mam! >u<



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i'll believe it when one of the GM reply in forums. For now i'll just assume they don't read. That's why PA 'hire' supporters.


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nevermind lol


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@PrawiRena :


yep, blast....the forum default is sorted by feedback lol my bad...


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