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Lore: Boss Background/History
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Red Nose

Red Nose is once a small imp who was always been a subject of ridicule by everyone including his fellow imps due to his red nose.
There has been conflicting history as to how red nose came into his current form. The first one is that he grew tired being bullied everyday, and prayed to achieve the power to rule everyone. His prayers were answered after stealing an artifact in the ancient stone chamber, surrounding him by dark energy which significantly increases his size, but also consumed him with rage and desire for vengeance from everyone who ridiculed him.

On a separate account it says that a man in black robe which happens to be the immortal alchemist Caphras, approached Red Nose  and offered power beyond his imagination. But all Red Nose wanted is a solution for his nose, which the man promised to solve.
The man then imbue a black crystal to Red Nose, making him bigger and stronger, that no imp has ever dared to oppose him. But the robed man had misled him, as his red nose still remains. No imp has since dared to ridicule red nose since that day, but the humans became the problem. They laugh at him everytime they saw him, they ridiculed him over and over again, until red nose grown to hate humankind, and started killing every human he sees without reservation and remorse.



Giath is the leader of the Goblins located east of Velia. Contrary to many peoples belief however, he is not a goblin himself, or atleast in his previous life.


Giath was a human, who lived a life full of tragedy and betrayal. He raised to the ranks as a centurion after he completed the mission to commit genocide on the imps located at the west. He served an unknown king in an unknown kingdom, but considering he is now staying within a cave in Balenos, and that the imps are actually located west of cron castle, then Giath may have served the old kingdom of Balenos in Cron Castle, tho that is not confirmed in any documents in the game.

His popularity makes the bards sings praised for him, but the king and many of the nobles has grew jealous, and a plan to kick him out was put in place.
The king commanded Giath to go to a mission that is as good as a death sentence. But instead of dying, he completed the impossible mission and returned to the kingdom. But to his surprise, instead of rewarding him from a job well done, the king has accused him for Treason! He plead for innocence but no one in the court would hear him. The verdict was guilty! And his sin? Giath's father was not able to complete his own campaign, and the failure of the father has been passed down to the son!

"The world was too currupted to live with pure loyalty", he surmised.  In the dark dungeon where he spend his last few days, extreme fear and despair ate his soul. And as he looked for someone to save him, the alchemist,  Caphras (again),  gave him what he desired. The black spirit consumed the dying man, and whether he wanted it or not, he continued to exist in the world in the form of neither human nor a goblin, but in his heart was engraved the hatred for all humankind.


Al Rhundi

The war between Calpheon and Heidel left many of the farmers in Serendia unable to tend their land, as all of the males were conscripted to join the war. After their defeat, their situation worsen, and many of the peasants went back to their impoverish farm. Soon after, when life seems to go back to normal, the taxes were raised sharply under the order of Crucio, the Lord of Heidel, and at the behest of the Grand Chamberlain Jordine, in order to gather funds and wage war to calpheon once again.

Al Rhundi, who was the very first peasant to become an officer of the Serendian army during the war with Calpehon, left the army to help the peasants have a better life. He requested the lord of lowered taxes for the peasants and support for agricultural projects that is not related to the military. However, this did not sit well with the authorities, and accused Al Rhundi of inciting a rebellion, which infuriated the peasants who loved him.

Many of the peasants and former soldier under Al Rhundi's unit during the war has joined him to his cause, and thus the birth of Al Rhundi Rebels. They retreated towards the old castle ruins south of Heidel and put up barricades, collecting tributes from passing wagons and raiding farms loyal to the state. Many also secretly supported their group, from the regular farmers all over serendia, to the Xian Merchant guild which hailed from Calpheon.

After the soldiers of the Serendian army failed to capture Al Rhundi over and over again, Hermano Tito has decided to take matters in his own hands. He and Al Rhundi has once been brothers of war, and he knows people within the rebel rank that he can use to beat Al Rhundi. With the help of these people, they were able to poison the well used by the rebels, weakening Al Rhundi and making him sick.

Nearing his deathbed, Hermano visited Al Rhundi and taunt him, telling him that his followers betrayed him. This did not sit well with the rebel leader, and used a black crystal that surrounded him with dark energy. The black spirit consumed him, and in his eyes is full of blood lust towards the people of Heidel, and those who betrayed him.



The Giants hailed from the Gehaku plains, where statues of the ancient giants were created and erected. Before Gehaku became mad, he was known more as a mild manner and laid back chief, while another giant called Tantu (photo above) was known as the fiery activist who belived human's greed will lead to the giant's downfall.


Tantu had a vision that Keplan will soon attack Giant's post, and left Gehaku Plains together with large amount of giants to look for a better place to build a new tribe. They later arrived in Mediah and settled in the Ancient Giant's Post, while befriending the dwarves at the same time.


Gehaku on the otherhand stayed, which eventually led to him being tricked that drove the giants of Gehaku Plain to go insane. It is not mentioned what exactly happened, but Gehaku admits and laments his mistake, but eventually consumed also by the black energy that turned him into a ruthless hulking monster that we see today. 


Muskan and Agrakhan

Muskan and Agrakhan are brothers who both worshipped Kzarka, the lord of destruction. While Muskan commands the priests in the bloody monastery in hopes of summoning Kzarka in Serendia, Agrakhan on the otherhand attacked Cadry Shrine which is rich on ancient traces in the same hope to summon Kzarka in Valencia. Altho both has not yet been successful in their endeavors, a single punch from any one of them can lead to your very destruction.


Hexe Marie

Known as the Black Witch. Hexe Marie was burnt to death when she was a child. She has survived somehow and has taken the path of darkness to have her revenge. She delve to the dark sorcerry, and master the art of black magic, tho not as good as Cartian I suppose. Unlike Muskan and Agrakan, Hexe Marie was a legendary figure as she was able to successfully summon Kzarka in her lifetime.


There are still a lot of bosses missing, like Dim Tree Spirit and Bhegs. But all I see are generic descriptions about them and nothing much interesting in the quests. If you know any please do add below.


I also set aside the World Boss for now, will make a separate post on them in the future.


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