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EndLessDreams 2020-07-07 08:55
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Hi guys, We're almost 3months old and consider a new guild and would like to take this opportunity to invite all interested players for casual nodewar,
we're still improving at our best to try and error in all circumstances and also make more friends along the way.

We are dedicated SEA players consisting mainly Malaysia/Singapore players, sharing knowledge and bond to grow an active guild for enthusiastic players who share a same goal. 
We enjoy all aspects of the game have to offer and are currently looking for active team players who constantly seek to improve and unite with us.


★ Basic English or Chinese communication skills

★ Mature and respect guild members

★ Active participation guild activities (guild quest, node war, etc.)

★ Voice chat during Node/Siege War or Khan(no mic is fine)

★ We have no gear restriction

Please do enter our discord link for application to apply.


Character Name EndLessDreams
Main Character Archer
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Majukan Sukan Untuk Negara =)


Best of Luck fellow Malaysians!




Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
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