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New Skill Window Feedback
PrawiRena 2020-07-07 14:54
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I don't know if you (GM/dev) would read this or not but I just write it anyway.


Could we customize the size of the revamped skill window next time? It's too big and consumed half of the screen.

It's hard to just drag and drop the skill to quickslot that i have arranged.


I'm using controller so i arranged the quickslot to be more intuitive for me. It's just harder to drag and drop the skill now.

Here's my quickslot arrangement:

Before the revamp i can just drag the skill to the slot i want easily.


The skill window takes half the screen i can't see half of the quickslots anymore


Sure i can still drag like this...

But i wouldn't know which position that slot is in my arrangement.


Please let us customize the size of the skill window. Or it would be better to just combine the old window with the new skill tree

I like the new skill tree, it's cleaner and more intuitive. But the window is just bad.


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# 2

Hi PrawiRena..


Nice to read your post..


I hope later on, PA will give player a freedom to choose, either using Old skill UI or New skill UI (I'm more into the old skill UI, cz much easier to understand it and not too many information or icons in my screen at once)..


At the moment, just wait and keep playing.. :) Cheers!



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# 3

I sent the link of this post to GM by submitting a ticket. GM Ilya replied.

I hope PA would consider it.

And to all GM, please be more active in forums so we wouldn't feel left out. Especially in Game Suggestions.


Character Name PrawiRena
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Oh this is actually some nice suggestion. I think most people want to get that similar window that we had before where it doesn't go to a sort of different instance (just like when accessing pearl shop) everytime we open it.


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