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Option to use the old skill UI
MildVenus 2020-07-09 13:10
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How about an option to let us use the previous skill UI?


I really don't like the new one so i'd definitely use that option. :'(


There's an option to use old menu and new menu, why not for skill window? -_-


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# 2

Hi MildVenus..


I agree with you.. IMHO, The old one is much better than the new one..


As this new skill UI is really new, let's just wait and see if later PA will consider to give player freedom to choose which skill UI (old or new one) they want to use..


Cheers !


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# 3

I second that idea, the new skill UI is really tedious since it takes up your entire screen. I hope PA will re-consider on adding this feature like the game menu one.


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