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Get more servers
Comes 2020-07-09 22:38
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Now in sea severs, newbie not have spot to grind anyways. Now, have alot guild take hystria, akman for them. In node war, siege times only have 5 severs to play but 4/5(arsha1) not have spot. To much player but less severs. PA get more severs for sea, just looking thailand, more severs mores gear score they have. Sr if my english bad!


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At the moment, I believe that the existing server is enough to accomodate players.

You can see, it is so rare that all servers in "Crowded" status during the whole day, so we can assume that the current server is still "Enough".


If you are talking about the available server for grinding during Siege War, you can try to move to the one without war.


As you mentioned the example of grinding spots like Hystria & Aakman, based on my personal experience during the war it's rarely full (because those both places are actually not for a newbie and many players that grind there join the war with their guild).


You can change to another server and try to explore the map to find the available spot, and I think for sure you will get it.


Keep playing and when more players play BDO, for sure PA will consider the option to add more servers. :)


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We don't need more server because the fun is where all the player can meet each other in the same map without changing any server it would feel more realistic like the real world, for grinding spot issue? yes i know if we have less server grinding is more harder because we need to compete with other player, In my opinion instead of adding more Server bdo is better to expand it's grind spot and add more grind spot that equal to other grind spot for example grind spot like mirumok if bdo add more grind spot that have same profit for the item drop/trashloot and have party recommended. the other player will have more option to grind on other grind spot instead of always goes to mirumok. what i feels for the grind spot is when i want to grind with my party we always look for mirumok because no other spot that better to grind with party.


where is the fun when a lot of player play the same game same map same position but not meet each other becauce we play on different server.


don't take it wrong im not high geared player but im still enjoying the pvp even with high geared player, for me it feels more fun if we meet a lot of player in the same server it feel we live in the same world.


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