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A Beginner guide to BDO
Ashenri 2020-07-10 21:53
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A Beginner's Guide to Black Desert Online


If you have just started in your BDO journey, we welcome you. As much as BDO may be overwhelming and confusing to many new players, especially those who have never played an MMORPG (Mass multiplayer online role-playing game), we hope this guide will be able to introduce you to provide beginner-friendly tips that will make your BDO starting journey smooth.



This guide for players new to BDO, MMORPG, or even pc gaming itself, we try to break down the terms and meaning in this guide so that brand new players can enjoy the game fully. Most of the stuff in this guide consists mainly of UI, hotkey, and tips n tricks that the game does not teach, we link many detailed guides for players who want to know more. We hope you enjoy our short little guide that helps you through the basics of Black Desert Online. :D



The main points being covered will be:


1. Character creation, horoscopes, beauty album:

2.  Pearl shop

3. Inventory 

4. Currency

5. NPCs

6. Beginner horses

7. Black spirit

8. Nodes

9. Important items to keep


To prevent this forum list from being too long, a detailed version of our guide is up and available for any new player who wants to find some help in BDO! Feel free to share it with other new players who require any new knowledge of the game.


We only request for no plagiarism and wrongful claim for this doc!




We hope to see you in-game!

Juki & Haku




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