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Paden 2020-07-11 11:15
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Hello Devs/Admin/Normal people,


I will just put these suggestions here:

1. PVP Rank matchmaking in a OPEN World Environment:

            a) Player can list or duel someone from a ladder board who wants to PVP.

                 - To accept or register to a duel, a player must NOT be on a party or squad

            b) The battle between 2 players must happen in the Open world of BDO.

                 -Meaning no SAFE Zone to both players from one another.

                 -They can Kill each other anytime once the duel is confirmed.

             c) Both players(duelist) can SEE each other from the map, Like a Party member locator. NO Hiding/Invis.

             d) To end the battle, one must KILL the other OR Surrendering through disconnection/switch char/switch server/logout.

             e) Lastly, other players can intervene from the duel by PKing or Buffing them.

                 -So players will be forced to choose a safe zones to battle, NOT GRIND SPOTS

                 - No Reward/Rank-up if Killed by other player(s)

2. Skill Preset Quickslot & Skill cooldown slot:


             - JUST DO IT!


Thank you!



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